Thursday, February 11, 2010

Prologue Snow Date 10 February 2010

Two snow storms in 5 days. Sure do wish the Mrs. could keep up with the snow shoveling.

I shot this a few days before we got hit with the latest bout of snow. Oh, what a dfference.

Right now this yard decoration is under about 20 inches of new snow.

A lull in the storm. Work with me here.

Seeing that I've only been out of the house once in the last week, I've been spending a lot of time shooting the birds again. By watching the birds, you can tell when the weather is about to turn for the worse. When the sun is out and shining the birds tend to fend for themselves and eat what they can find in the woods. But when the sky starts to turn grey and the temperatures drop, they come back to the feeders and the heated bird bath.

Timing is the name of the game when trying to shoot any of the birds like this Downy Woodpecker as they go to land on the suet feeder.

A White-breasted Nuthatch landing on the suet feeder.

The biggest of the woodpeckers to use the suet feeders are the Red-Bellied.

With his beak holding a piece of the suet and seed, the Red-Bellied flies off to a tree to enjoy his meal.

Some more pictures of another bird that had a run-in with a window pane that I was able to keep out of the snow until it was able to fly again.

If you've ever been hit in the head hard enough that you thought it would make your toes curl, this in fact is what happens to most birds when they run into a windowpane as you can see in this picture. Once the birds start to revive themselves, I can tell they will be able to fly again when their claws start to uncurl and they begin to grip or hold onto my hand.

Here's looking at you.

The bird flew from my hand and rested on the porch rail for a few minutes before it flew off for good. You can see that the claws are back in their normal position.

It's either take off or get rammed for the Nuthatch as a female Downy Woodpecker heads for the feeder.

Shooting at 1/2500 of a second using a 200mm lens and a 2x extender stops the Downy Woodpecker just before she hits the feeder.

About 5 weeks ago or so I spotted this male Hairy Woodpecker and 2 females in the woods some 20 yards from the house. It took 2 weeks to get the picture of the females that we used on the January 14th blog. After many, many hours of standing at the window watching for the male, he finally came into camera range and posed for me. Now the only two woodpeckers that I need to get pictures of are the Red Head and the rare 3 toed Black Back Woodpecker.

Goldfinch sitting on a sassafras limb.

Right about now I'd rather be in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Close-up of a lizard garden ornament. It's safe and warm in the house awaiting spring.

Snow field, Westrick Farm, Elder Township, PA.

Don't forget this weekend. Sharpen your pencils, make a pot of chili and stay inside where it's warm. If the weather stays as it is you'll have lots of birds to see and count. Good Luck!


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