Friday, September 20, 2013

A Blog With No Name

 photo IMG_0667WallArt_zpsc1e7bd8e.jpg
Some really nice wall art on the outside wall of a tattoo parlor in Denver, CO.

The next three photographs were shot of an abandoned garage in Nederland, CO which is up in the mountains west of Boulder.

 photo IMG_1218Cola_zps58e90b26.jpg
A sign of good taste.

 photo IMG_1223Window_zps992836a9.jpg
Sign, Sign, Everyone a No Trespassing Sign.

 photo IMG_1225Light_zpsfb02b98f.jpg
Definitely lights out.

 photo IMG_3838Flower_zps7344d554.jpg
It's the middle of September, the weather is growing cooler, but the Morning Glories still bloom.

 photo IMG_3842Sun_zps73af9515.jpg
The sun trying to make its self seen through the morning fog.

 photo IMG_3873StoneFace_zpsac22aea4.jpg
Easter Island meets the Hill Williams.

 photo IMG_3878Flam_zps9aa7211a.jpg
Flamingo Paradise

 photo IMG_7355BampW_zps94fe1be4.jpg
A local trying to talk on his cell phone while standing 20 feet away from a construction site in downtown Denver, CO.

 photo IMG_7447Drawing_zpsf4b13c3e.jpg
It would appear that the person in this drawing is trying to hang the drawing on the wall.

 photo IMG_7597Cabin_zpsc669d4ab.jpg
An old hunting cabin high in the Rocky Mountains.

Friday, September 06, 2013

Triple Play

Saint Francis University -- Loretto, PA

 photo IMG_2447SFU5_zps5841114b.jpg
Front Entrance to Saint Francis University located in Loretto, Pennsylvania.

 photo IMG_2305SFU2_zpsb2bde784.jpg
Lake Saint Francis located behind Christian Hall on the campus of Saint Francis University.

 photo IMG_2346SFU1_zpse84a2529.jpg
Immaculate Conception Chapel

 photo IMG_2357SFU3_zpsf9d33197.jpg
St. Francis statue located on the mall of the University.

 photo IMG_2404SFU4_zpscefcb629.jpg
The former Charles Schwab Estate is now home to the Franciscan Friars T.O.R.

Around our Garden

 photo IMG_8375Cat_zpsddf99e72.jpg
Our sometimes cat.

 photo IMG_8466G1_zps629c7b40.jpg
Tiki god statue sitting in our garden.

 photo IMG_8498G2_zps7f892b3e.jpg
Miniature sunflower

 photo IMG_8528G3_zps7c9bedd0.jpg
Killer garden rooster protecting the plants in the double-wringer washer basin from ravaging insects.

 photo 4464P1_PIC_zps137e91a1.jpg
Hens and chicks and an un-identified succulent in a planter on the deck.

For several years I've only been able to get photographs of these two engines as they sat outside the company office in Duncansville, PA. On the day that I shot these photographs I spent 2 hours stalking them.

 photo IMG_3064ERR1_zpsad02844f.jpg
Two of the diesel engines belonging to the Everett Railroad located in Duncansville, PA.  The Everett Railroad is one of some 40 plus shortline railroads operating in Pennsylvania.

 photo IMG_3118ERR2_zpse2aa9f2f.jpg
GP-10 built in 1956 sits at a crossing waiting for the conductor to throw a switch so that the engines can change tracks.

 photo IMG_3153ERR3_zps7f0ea5b2.jpg
Heading toward the switching yard.

 photo IMG_3158ERR4_zps6392d145.jpg
The two diesel units spent an hour or so in the switching yard staging the rolling stock before heading out on the day's run.  The switching yard is located in Hollidaysburg, PA.

 photo IMG_3214ERR5_zpsa494c964.jpg
Engine Number 707 was built as a GP-9 in 1956 for the Illinois Central Railroad. Number 1712 was built in 1950 as a GP-7.