Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Few Hours in South Fork

The first two pics on this week's blog were shot in Susquehanna Township at the crossroads by the twin churches.

Bails of hay in the field.

Pine trees in a pasture field.

VFW Post 7524, South Fork, PA.

Martin's Gas Station showing a price out front from 1958 when gas was only 19.9 cents per gallon!


Remnants of a Mickey Mouse cartoon picture painted on a wall, probably in the 1980s.

More cartoon characters painted on the rear wall of the South Fork Public Library, along side a children's playground.

Black-eyed Susan.

Strip mine reclamation as seen from South Fork, PA.


Portrait of a Clown.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Summer Breeze

Now that I have CS5, and by combining it with aspects of Corel Paint Shop Photo Pro X3, I"ve been able to teach myself to do some things that I wasn't capable of when I was just using PhotoShop CS2.  These two pictures are examples of what I've been able to teach myself. 

This shot has the original color but I've started to apply a spiral effect.

This is the final product as 3-D in a 2-sided plane.

During a recent trip to a local nursery, I toured around and took the following shots of different displays.

This is part of a small water feature that contains this crocodile and different aquatic plants.

Statue along one of the many walkways at the nursery.  Although the nursery had a lot of statues and things sitting together on display, they also have pieces such as this one among plantings to give customers and idea of how the items could be used in a garden.

This room is filled with annuals and hanging baskets.

Water Lillies

Close-up of the water lillies


Thursday, June 16, 2011

Airport Festival 2011

If it's June it must be time for the Jimmy Stewart Airport Festival held at the Indiana County Airport.  This year the highlights of the show were a B-25J Mitchell Bomber from World War II, a Piper L-21B from the Korean Conflict and a C-123 from the Vietnam War.  Unfortunately, several of the other aircraft that were to be at the show had to cancel due to engine and various other problems.


Piper L-21B owned by the Air Heritage Group out of Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania.

Cockpit of the C-123

1946 Globe, 2-seater, cruises at about 105 miles per hour.

New Standard D-25.
The D-25s were first built in 1928 and they cruise at about 70 miles per hour and have a range of 490 miles.

C-123 sitting on the tarmac waiting for a thunderstorm to engulf it.

With the thunderstorm engulfing the C-123 I had flashbacks to Vietnam, 1968.

1941 Aeronca. 
This is a Super Chief, seats 2 (side by side) and has a range of about 500 miles.

L-21 shot in during one of several passes it made over the airport.

Piper L-21B flying over the field.

Piper L-21B showing its Italian Air Force colors is also owned by Air Heritage, Inc., of Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania.

Cockpit of the L-21B

Junior Photographer

Stearman PT-17 Wasp.

Eurocopter EC-145

1976 Piper PA-28-181 Cherokee Archer II.

2004 American Champion Super Decathlon.

1973 Bellance Citabria.  
Later in the day I was able to go for a flight in this airplane to shot some aerials of the airfield and the surrounding area.

Cessna 206H
This little number is a State Police Airplane.

1945 Stinson L-5G Air Ambulance.

2006 RV-9A
A homebuilt, 2-seat experimental plane.

1994 McDonald Douglas MD90D, 8 passenger, twin engine helicopter.

Life Flight landing.

Stearman PT-17 landing at the Jimmy Stewart Airport.

1980 Cessna 152 used every year to give young airplane enthusiasts a chance to go up and experience an airplane ride. The flights are offered free and sponsored by EAA Young Eagles.

1966 Piper Cherokee which was also used to provide the free flights to young aircraft enthusiasts.

B-25 Panchito
After a several hour delay in its arrival, the B-25 Mitchell bomber "Panchito" arrived at the Jimmy Stewart Airport.

After initally landing the B-25 takes a short hop back into the air before finally settling back on the tarmac. 

Side view of the B-25 as it taxied past the airport windsock on its way to the display area in front of the terminal building.

Line Maintenance Crew dressed in authentic WWII attire.

B-25 comes to a rest after its flight from Georgetown, DE.

White Township Recreation Complex, Indiana County, PA

A view of the new runway under construction at the Jimmy Stewart Airport.

Pine Grove Youth Prison, Indiana County, PA.

The Jimmy Stewart Airport Festival 2011 looking South.

Another view of the new runway.  Taking pictures of the new runway was the main reason I took the aerials.  Although I never turn down a chance to "take flight".

View of the Jimmy Stewart Airport looking North.

Downtown Indiana, PA with part of the IUP (Indiana University of Pennsylvania) campus in the background.

Indiana Hospital, Indiana, PA

Coming back to terra firma over the new runway extension as we are about to make a landing on the grass runway.