Thursday, February 28, 2013

Winter World

The winter doldrums continue, snow fall is a common everyday occurrence.  Thank goodness there is not enough accumulation to make the world stand still.  We've only had to plow the driveway twice so far this year.

The first two pictures of this week's blog were shot just as a new coat of snow began falling early in the afternoon.

 photo IMG_7082Stumped_zpsee7c8bbd.jpg

 photo IMG_7084Peckerwood_zps6590f9f6.jpg

The weekend of February 15 thru 18 was the 16th Annual Great Backyard Bird Count. This year we counted 15 different species which was down by at least 5 from last year's count.

 photo IMG_7632BC3_zpsa6a33ee5.jpg
Male Cardinal

 photo IMG_7645BC1_zpsb4fedee1.jpg
White-breasted Nuthatch and Male Downy Woodpecker.

 photo IMG_7646BC2_zps89f4b48d.jpg
Male Hairy Woodpecker prepares to land on the suet feeder.  Much to my surprise the little Male Downy Woodpecker stood his ground and the two birds shared a lunch together.

 photo IMG_7868BC4_zpsc75025e5.jpg
This Female Pileated Woodpecker showed up just in time for breakfast on Sunday morning.

 photo IMG_8087Vent_zpscfcaf309.jpg
Industrial heating unit hanging from the ceiling at Quaker Steak and Lube near Johnstown, PA.

 photo IMG_8099Barn_zps046ab461.jpg
Old barn near Glendale Lake.

 photo IMG_8118Beef_zps15b65eee.jpg
Steers always get the weirdest look on their faces when they see a Canon.

 photo IMG_8127Tractor_zpse9171601.jpg
Abandoned farm equipment.

The final three photographs were shot on a quick trip to Prince Gallitzin State Park to see how much ice was on Glendale Lake.

 photo IMG_8128LG1_zps4cbdb843.jpg 

 photo IMG_8137LG2_zps086289ea.jpg 

 photo IMG_8143LG3_zps51696e28.jpg

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Four Weeks Until Spring

Another beautiful sunrise in the Laurel Highlands of the Allegheny Mountains.

I saw this sign and took the road anyway.  It wasn't all that bad.  Everyone needs a little bit of adventure in their life.

I stopped by my friend Ed's pond on the way to the grocery store.  In the fall I like to use this venue for doing senior portraits.

 photo IMG_4367Barn_zpsc85c6d74.jpg
Same road trip, another pond.  This one is along Old Miller Road.

 photo IMG_4763Treesbw_zps276cd184.jpg
Snow covered trees on the edge of the yard.

 photo IMG_4774Shedbw_zps2f13a86a.jpg
Another picture of the garden shed.  It looks kinda small sitting among the trees.

 photo IMG_4851Dovesbw_zpsf4184508.jpg
Two of about twenty doves that were hanging out near the bird feeders.

 photo IMG_5349Farm_zpsbe32fd1b.jpg
Abandoned farm in Susquehanna Township.  I pass by this on my long, out of the way trips to the grocery store.

 photo IMG_5358SaniDairy_zpsbbc1818c.jpg
One of my favorite places to shoot is a junk yard along Double Dam Road in Northern Cambria.

 photo IMG_5369Bus_zps0d7acc5a.jpg

 photo IMG_6304TakeOff_zps588cd57b.jpg
Red-bellied Woodpecker just about to take off from the suet feeder.  If you look closely you can see that its feet are still hanging onto the feeder.

 photo IMG_6350StomeDamage_zpsb3837db3.jpg
Storm damage.

 photo IMG_6551SaltTruck_zps341d6f98.jpg
Following the PennDOT salt truck into Emeigh on our way to Clymer, PA in Indiana County.

 photo IMG_6594aGBBC13_zps6c49f2cb.jpg
If you are looking for something to do this weekend that is educational and doesn't cost any money, it's not too late to sign-up for the Great Backyard Bird Count.  For more information go to