Saturday, September 27, 2014

Pittsburgh - A Three Hour Tour

 photo IMG_5533Lock_zpsdbdaf0a9.jpg
Welcome to Pittsburgh 
To tell the truth this parking lot booth is not as secure as it appears at first glance.

 photo IMG_5440Army_zps96348c6f.jpg
The Broadway Army-Navy Store on Liberty Avenue downtown.

 photo IMG_5444ArtWall_zps07788b14.jpg
Wall art on Liberty Avenue has a Jetson's feel to it.

 photo IMG_5538PlanP_zpsaf47ac61.jpg
Supporters of Planned Parenthood keeping a wary eye on pro-life activists on the other side of the street.

 photo IMG_5543ProL_zpsae1d8aa3.jpg
Point - Counter point
A stand off between pro life and pro choice supporters

 photo IMG_5548b_zps0e88cdcc.jpg
Red sneakers.

 photo IMG_5562Reflec_zps3d00caa3.jpg
Reflection of the Midtown Towers on the K and L Gates Building, 7th and Liberty.

 photo IMG_55352Women_zpsa5e5abc5.jpg
 Office space for rent 7th and Penn Avenue.

 photo IMG_5452Peddle_zps6debbc06.jpg
Visitors to the city take a tour on a pedal powered trolley on wheels.

 photo IMG_5458Bridge_zps84d19b58.jpg
9th Street Bridge crossing the Allegheny River.

 photo IMG_5464Bread_zps6872479d.jpg
Fresh bread on The Strip.

 photo IMG_5468Photos_zpsc92b4df2.jpg
Looking for photos of Pittsburgh.

 photo IMG_5479Artisans_zpsce58e0b3.jpg
One stop shopping for all wearable Pittsburgh sports gear.

 photo IMG_5483Beer_zps32c1dca5.jpg
Inside wall of the Bella Notte Pizza shop 19th and Penn.

 photo IMG_5492Park_zps39165d47.jpg
Every inch of space between 17th and 22nd Streets has a vendor of some sort on it.

 photo IMG_5498Coffee_zpsd4814d56.jpg
Roasting coffee at the Allegheny Coffee and Tea Exchange, one of two coffee companies on The Strip.

 photo IMG_5527PaperBox_zpse69505bf.jpg
Newspaper box offering free employment guide.

 photo IMG_5537Accor_zpse4c70d52.jpg
I was surprised to find any kind of street performers on Penn Avenue.

 photo IMG_5547Peppers_zpscf44c7ce.jpg
From what I've been told after the fact, Saturdays are the only day that this curbside pepper roaster is operational outside of the Reyna Mexican Grocery.

 photo IMG_5563Mando_zpse4f499a5.jpg
Demonstration of food slicers at the "In the Kitchen" store.

 photo IMG_5576WallArt_zpsf0caafe2.jpg
Art work on Penn Avenue.

 photo IMG_5591Walker_1_zpsf308fe32.jpg
Looks like someone has been shopping at Pittsburgh Spice Shop.

 photo IMG_5598Horn_1_zps1b4d73a0.jpg
Trombone man.

 photo IMG_5600Fish_zpsc33c4d07.jpg
Inside pillar at Luke Wholey's Wild Alaskan Grill.

 photo IMG_5603Lucys_zpsa34bf12d.jpg
Lucy's Handmade Clothing.

 photo IMG_5605Rooster_zps9188b424.jpg
Rooster on the roof of  DeLuca's Restaurant seems to be guarding The Strip.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Half Hour Tour of the Neighborhood

This week's photographs speak for themselves.

 photo IMG_5113Barn1_zpsfafc1ea8.jpg

 photo IMG_5115Barn2_zpsfa913d07.jpg

 photo IMG_5128TruckLatter_zps623027e9.jpg

 photo IMG_5132TruckDoor_zps71d5f15f.jpg

 photo IMG_5145Corvair_zps1a92786a.jpg

 photo IMG_5150Body_zpsd71ff637.jpg

 photo IMG_5152Hoovers_zps05f4382c.jpg

 photo IMG_5216Dodge_zps84a1af3a.jpg

 photo IMG_5221Jeep2_zps240d3d57.jpg

 photo IMG_5229ChevyT_zps4de6fd8d.jpg

 photo IMG_5234HoodO_zps4e504de6.jpg

 photo IMG_5237Dodge3_zps0110fb22.jpg

 photo IMG_5245Bus_zps4eaa1d7c.jpg