Thursday, September 29, 2011

To Boulder and Beyond

During our recent trip to Denver to visit our daughter we took a side trip up to Boulder, CO to do a little shopping and some touring in the foothills.

Looking at the foothills off in the distance as we near Boulder, CO.

A rent-a-bike stand at the beginning of the pedestrian mall located on Pearl Street in Boulder, CO.

Without even speaking or looking at each other these two street performers played for 15 minutes straight without stopping.

In most cities, this would be a piece of art that was to be looked at but ...

in Colorado it's another place for kids to play along the mall.

I could have spent hours just walking up and down the street looking at things that grabbed my eye.

Although there were many reasons for visiting the Boulder area my main interest was to visit and to shop at the Into the Wind Kite Store.

Kites of all styles and sizes cover the walls and ceiling of the shop. There isn't a shop like this within 100 miles of where we live and this was so much more fun than shopping online.  I added 4 more kites to my collection. 

By the number of handbills posted on poles along the mall you could tell there is a lot to do in this college town.

More eye candy.

Mickey, one of several balloon artists along the mall.

This lap harp player's voice was as good as his playing.

I think we counted at least 4 people climbing or about to climb this wall just outside of Boulder.

As we drove along Boulder Canyon Drive we had many views of the sheer rock walls.

The welcoming view as you enter Roosevelt National Forest.

A 1952 Buick Special sits along the road on top of the mountain trying to make a U-turn on a 2-lane filled with tourist drivers.

Advertisement for Pot O' Gold Coffee on the side of a Bullwhacker's Casino in Black Hawk, CO.

Once a part of the Colorado Central Railroad, this old steam engine now graces the outside of the Lady Luck Casino. 

And to finish off our day, we had dinner at Rosie's Diner in Aurora, CO.  This classic stainless steel diner was built by Paramount, one of the last remaining diner manufacturer's in the country.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

More of Colorado

One of the most recognizable railroad station marques in the country is this one at Union Station In Denver, CO.

With the rear exterior of Union Station undergoing construction and trains stopping elsewhere in Denver, the only traffic the interior of the building sees these days are tourists and photographers.

My wife spotted this in a window high above the street in Denver.  I hope it's an anatomy class.

Sign outside of a restaurant.

The Ice House, one of the many restored historic buildings that dot the different neighborhoords that make up Denver, CO. 

McCormick's Fish House and Bar is just a block from Union Station.

I have no idea how they do it, but whereever you looked in Denver there is something artistic to catch your eye.

How to spend a Saturday morning -- coffee and skateboard.

He needed the coffee to settle his nerves before he hit the track, and he didn't drop a bit!

No matter what your outdoor interest might be, there is something for you to do in Denver, CO.

Pedestrian bridge and art along Platte Street, Denver, CO.

Intercity art.

It seems an amazing amount of effort has gone into either maintaining or replicating outdoor advertising as it's been seen over the years.

Kayaking in a public park along the Platte River as it flows through downtown Denver, CO.

Windowbox planter.

Food vendor at a local farmer's market held in the parking lot of Bed, Bath and Beyond.

If you like to sit around the fire and you like to hear stories, give a listen one time to Jonathan Livingston Seagull.

It looks like an early Fall at Cherry Creek State Park in Aurora, CO.

Getting in a ride before the storm brewing over the foothills in the background reaches Cherry Hill State Park.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Touring Denver - Day One

Having arrived in Denver a day earlier than we had planned, we had a chance to go shopping at the commissary at Buckley Air Force Base, see the planes at Wings Over the Rockies and explore Cherry Creek State Park in Aurora, CO.

An F-86 sitting in front of the headquarters of the Colorado Air National Guard on Buckley Air Force Base.  This is just one of several static displays of planes near the headquarters.

Taking a little artistic license with a shot of one of the many art-filled parks in the Denver/Aurora area of Colorado.

If there is one thing that can be said about the city of Denver, it has more than it's share of art work for the citizens to enjoy every day.

A B-52 welcomes visitors to the air and space museum.

Der Kricket

Flying Machine.

RF-84K Thunderflash

EB-57E Canberra.

F-4E Phantom II.

In the Avionics and Radios Exhibit area we were able to play with this tesla coil and generate some pretty neat light effects!

Cherry Creek State Park, Aurora, CO -- Apparently the Colorado State Parks are self-supporting and get no funds from the state government.

The next three photographs were shot at the Model Radio Controlled Air Field in the park.  The air field was built and is maintained by the Denver R/C Eagles.   


A view of the dam road and the marina at Cherry Creek State Park.

I've been to a lot of state and national parks but I've never seen a picnic pavilion quite as cool as these.  Like I said, the Denver area is just filled with art.