Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

 photo IMG_6620Sno1_zpsc0dc6649.jpg
After an overnight snow fall that dumped about 6 inches across the ridges of Cambria County, Pennsylvania it turned out to be a beautiful day for shooting pictures in the snow.

 photo IMG_6635Sno2_zps36a761ed.jpg
Seven Charms Equestrian Center along Number Nine Road in Susquehanna Township.

 photo IMG_6641Sno3_zps259b532d.jpg
One of our neighbors down over the hill has four of his steers in a pasture in front of his house.

 photo IMG_6812FPW_zps0bec6664.jpg
Female Pileated Woodpecker picks up scraps of suet that had fallen on the ground.

 photo IMG_9268Larch_zps0cc0a80e.jpg
Large tree standing in the sunshine down in Driscoll Hollow.

 photo PICT4694AppleTree_zps71112da6.jpg
Abandoned apple trees sitting in a field near Plattsville, PA.

 photo PICT4717TM1_zps3dcc84b7.jpg
Why does a model always need to preen before their close-up?

 photo PICT4714TM2_zpsd246de6a.jpg
Now I'm ready for my portrait to be taken.

 photo IMG_9317Slides_zps5eeee3e3.jpg
A dreary sky over the playground at the Harmony Elementary School.

 photo IMG_9356FarmArt_zps397549fa.jpg
An old tree turned into a piece of artwork along Sylvis Road, Clearfield County, PA.

 photo IMG_9361BE_zps6d9c89cd.jpg
American Bald Eagle shortly after taking off from a field in our neck of the woods.

 photo IMG_9459SunRise1_zps7f0a8c93.jpg
Sunrise over the wind farm in Elder Township near Patton, PA.

 photo IMG_71924Strings_zps4724c90b.jpg
String instruments waiting to be played at a concert of folk music at Saint Francis University.

 photo IMG_7336Duo_zpsa3ae1647.jpg
The duo Simple Gifts, Artists in Residence at Saint Francis University performing during the evening concert at the University JFK Student Center.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Harvest Time

We're in that time of the year when it's down to the wire and the crops need to be brought in from the fields. The leaves have changed, the animals are all getting fatter and the frost is on the pumpkin.

 photo IMG_5410C1_zpsdcbc9d2d.jpg
Getting ready to take off the soybean harvester and put on the corn picker.

 photo IMG_5432C2_zpse6686cfc.jpg
Fields of soybeans.

 photo IMG_5467C3_zps8f891689.jpg
Using his John Deere Sidehill 9560 combine this farmer is able to haul 330 bushels of corn before transferring it to a truck to haul it to storage.

 photo IMG_5489C4_zpsdc878e72.jpg
The 20 foot tall combine is dwarfed by a 200 foot tall wind turbine.

 photo IMG_5560C5a_zps5f136942.jpg
Modern combines are mostly computer operated and can tell the farmer how much moisture is in an ear of corn and give him GPS coordinates so that he may harvest the field in the most economic way.

 photo IMG_6114SpruceRd_zps54549cb9.jpg
Back in the old days this was known as the Kittanning Trail, used by the Native Americans to transverse this section of the Pennsylvania mountains between what is now known as Altoona and Kittaning , PA.  The trail runs through our family property and is known to us as "The Road Home".

 photo IMG_6162K2_zpse4395c67.jpg
After the corn is picked this farmer uses a brush hog to cut the stalks down to the nubs. 

 photo IMG_6165K1_zps15fac6da.jpg
Unlike the farmer in the earlier photographs, this guy is harvesting whole ear corn just like the stuff that city folks buy at places like Walmart to feed their squirrels.

 photo IMG_6244FallTrees_zps4e71ab82.jpg
Larix laricina : aka American Larch or Tamarack

 photo IMG_62583H_zps0292e388.jpg
Horses in a pasture along Route 403 near Strongstown, PA.

 photo IMG_6266H1JPG_zps1ab6e688.jpg
A model

 photo IMG_6276H2_zpsf5c1be91.jpg
Make me a star.

 photo IMG_6450Pond_zpsf3c878cb.jpg
A farm pond along the road near Harmony Grange.

 photo IMG_6470Sheep_zpsa947c723.jpg
Sheep on an Amish farm in Sylvis, PA

 photo IMG_6480Seeds_zpsd720755c.jpg
Case International 4894 tractor hitched to a Killbros 1400 grain cart.

 photo IMG_6487SoyHarvest_zpsc20361c5.jpg
A John Deere 9510 Maximizer with an 18 foot flex grain head for harvesting soybeans.  Take my word for it this the dirtiest and dustiest crop to bring in once it gets dry enough to pick.

A new addition to the neighborhood are these steers.
 photo IMG_6509S1_zpsad23833f.jpg

 photo IMG_6512S2_zpscc00b314.jpg

 photo PICT4648Caterpillar_zps634c7329.jpg
Tussock Moth Caterpillar crawling on some rocks on the deck.

 photo PICT4666Frost_zpsdbf360b6.jpg
Frost on the windshield.