Thursday, September 25, 2008

Fall Is Here

Once again we go through the change. It's only the first week of Fall and some of the trees are starting to change colors, there's a chill in the air and the days are growing shorter.

Hastings Elder High School Class of '58 held their 50th class reunion at the Hastings Moose Lodge.

Over the years I've seen some pretty ugly baby birds around here, but this baby Blue Jay takes the prize!

The next three pictures show a pair of juvenile Carolina Wrens. We don't see the wrens around here all that often. In fact, this is the first time a pair has built a nest on our property.

Located in Altoona, PA is the Juniata Locomotive shops now owned by the Norfolk Southern Rail Road. New engines are built here and old ones are repaired.

Altoona Mirror paper box.

Buzzard's Crossroads near Carrolltown, PA.

It's very seldom that I take the road that is seen on the right hand side of this photo to drive back to our house. However, for some reason, I took it last week and was surprised to see this billboard wishing my sister-in-law a happy 50th birthday!

Another of our local fairs is the Harmony Grange Fair in Harmony, PA. I covered this year's for the Star Courier Newspaper in Northern Cambria, PA.

Once again I got a "birds eye view" of the fair from the top of the ferris wheel.

Something that has long-ago disappeared from the carnival and fair venues is the side shows. The carnival vendor said they only bring this out once in awhile and they wanted to make sure they brought it to Harmony, PA this year. The next three photographs show off the side show facade. I wanted to go inside the tent and photograph some of the wonders advertised on the canvas but I was told I wasn't allowed to do so because of copyright infringements.

These two young ladies look in awe at the banners because they have never seen a side show before.

Although there wasn't a barker standing outside of the side show trying to entice you to come in, they did have a tape recorder which continuously played the patter of an unseen side show barker.

This was the first time the side show put in an appearance at the Harmony Grange Fair.

Looking over the cake and pie exhibit.

Homegrown vegetable entries.

Three year old John E. enjoys his ice cream while his parent's try to win him a stuffed toy.

One of my favorite shots is the sun filtering through the ferris wheel.

This is the business end of the weight sled used for the tractor pull.

Northern Cambria High School football game, Friday, 19 September 2008. The Colts played the Blairsville Bobcats, unfortunately, Northern Cambria lost the contest. These shots were taken in the order presented during the first half of the football game.

PIAA sportsmanship guidelines are reviewed by the referees with the NC team.

When the band first comes onto the field, they stop at the goal post turn towards the field and salute the pigskin gladiators.

William Bowman, outside linebacker, warms-up before the game begins.

Punt, Pass and Kick Winners!

The defensive players for Blairsville get ready for the game.

Northern Cambria's fullback Issac Lieb gets hit by the Bobcats' defense.

Andy Paronish of Northern Cambria tries to escape the grip of Justin McGinnis of Blairsville.

Northern Cambria gang-tackles Zach Faith, tailback for Blairsville.

Mike Hauzie gets a little help from Adam Kaelin and Chuck Woodley.

Northern Cambria Coach Paul Taranto keeps his eye on the referees when a flag was through on the field after a Colts touchdown.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

24 Hours in Pennsylvania

This week's blog was shot in a little less than 24 hours and includes a road trip to Lebanon, PA with a short side trip to Grantville, PA and back.

Thursday, 11 September 2008

Bryan and Jerry take a break from tearing down an old building on our property.


The Green Township Fair, better known as the Cookport Fair, is one of the many fairs held in Pennsylvania every September and October. You can drive 5 miles in any direction from Cookport and not see a traffic light.

You know you're at a real country fair when this ...

and this are the first things you see after you walk through the gates.

Not an empty seat on the Bumper Cars.

Get a ping pong ball in the jar and take home a pet.

Cheese Steaks and Fries, oh my!

The Sunny Siders play the country hits from the 40's and 50's.

Sunny Siders lead singer.

The brown building at the top center is where I shot the pictures of the sheep. This shot and the next two were taken from the top of the ferris wheel.

Probably not much bigger than a good size city block, the Cookport Fair packs a lot of fun in a small space.

Cholesterol Boulevard

Kinda looks like one of my own senior moments. What do you expect when you are surrounded by cotton candy and candied apples?

A first time puller at the Cookport Fair tractor pull is Brant Farmery out of Cherry Tree, PA.

Moment of Reflection.

Friday, 12 September 2008

After dropping my wife off at Grantville for a meeting of PaLA CRD. I headed out for a short 30 minute drive to Graphic Display Systems in Lebanon to get some more display panels for upcoming shows. Actually, it took about an hour to get there because I missed my turn, which wasn't a bad thing. I got to drive on roads I haven't thought about in more than 20 years. It would have been a lot more fun if it wasn't pouring down rain the entire day.

Myerstown, PA Route 422 and 501
I still drive on Rt. 422 to this day, but now we're 150 miles or so to the west.

Puerto Rican flag in a window on Cumberland Street, Lebanon, PA.

Lebanon, PA Train Station.

Sign for Railroad House, a bar and grill in Lebanon, PA.

A Norfolk Southern train passes through Lebanon at the corners of N 10th and Scull Streets. This is one of six engines pulling this line of cars. Behind the 6th engine was a "SLUG". I've never seen a slug before.

Engine 2101 shown here on the right is one of 5 old SW1001 units that Norfolk Southern has in service.

I passed by this old gas station only to turn around and go back. What is weird as you look at this photo is that the present is reflected in the windows from the past.

Just outside of Jonestown, PA is the Country Craft Mill. I stopped here to see what I could see and wound up bringing a really nice Buddha statue home with me. While looking for my new Buddha I shot this Coca Cola sign.

Old Bird Houses

Entrance to the PA Veterans Memorial at the National Veterans Cemetery at Fort Indiantown Gap, PA.

Farm house on Route 443 near Grantville, PA.

Built in 1968, this 22 foot Barth Continental is for sale and sits along Routh 743 north of Rt. 81. I just may have to put a bid in on this beauty myself. I have the perfect place for it, and '68 wasn't really that bad of a year, even though I spent most of it in Vietnam.


Once for lease, this old truck body now just sits in a field slowly rotting away.