Thursday, October 23, 2014

South Side Flats

 photo IMG_6103B_zpsa9310b04.jpg
Birmingham Bridge - one of two bridges that lead to the south side of Pittsburgh.

 photo IMG_5997B_zpsad9cb71a.jpg
Front wall at Jack's Bar on Carson and South 12th.

 photo IMG_6003B_zps4631fe23.jpg
Reflection in the window of the First National Bank

 photo IMG_6008B_zps06bddc0e.jpg
Notice on the door of Jack's Bar.

 photo IMG_6009B_zps46c0de4b.jpg
Studios of WYEP, an independent radio station which is member supported,  and WESA Pittsburgh's newest NPR radio station.  WYEP has been on the air since 1974 and is celebrating its 40th anniversary.

 photo IMG_6012B_zpsc2e04e3f.jpg
Seth B. takes a pledge during the WESA fund drive.

 photo IMG_6016B_zps07db2796.jpg
Rosemary Welsch the host of the Afternoon Mix on WYEP and also a senior producer for the station.

 photo IMG_6018B_zpsd6c21d63.jpg
Bloom's Cigar Store located in Bedford Square just off Carson Street.

 photo IMG_6020B_zpsf49efbd0.jpg
South Bank Galleries, 13th and Carson.

 photo IMG_6026B_zpsed8b22c0.jpg
Looking east at 13th and Carson.

 photo IMG_6030B_zps4d0cee54.jpg
Mask in the window of the South Bank Galleries.

 photo IMG_6041B_zps1b7a2c6e.jpg
Runners passing Starbucks at 11th and Carson.

 photo IMG_6044B_zps1b54d824.jpg
Wall art at the entrance of Winghart's Whiskey Bar.

 photo IMG_6060B_zpsc4f30bff.jpg
Shoe display at Nick's Imports, 19th and Carson.

 photo IMG_6061B_zpse3f380da.jpg
Jimmy Johns Sandwich Shop.

 photo IMG_6069B_zpse382a482.jpg
Hanger on at a red light.

 photo IMG_6076B_zps7d764b59.jpg
The Rex, a music venue on the 16 hundred block of Carson.

 photo IMG_6084B_zpse4b16fd4.jpg
Ticket booth Rex Theater where management was pulling double duty.

 photo IMG_6092b_zpsa4036608.jpg
Skeleton and building reflection in shop window.

 photo IMG_6096B_zps9b9bc838.jpg
EMT taking a lunch break at Mike and Tony's Gyro Shop.

 photo IMG_6108B_zps86324094.jpg
10th Street bridge heading out of town.

Thursday, October 09, 2014


 photo IMG_5320a_zps76ee7054.jpg
With its head held in place this young goat is getting a trim prior to the judging at the Harmony Grange Fair.

 photo IMG_5342b_zpsa037a14c.jpg
Billy Goat Gruff looking over the top of his pen to see what is going on in the barn.

 photo IMG_5351a_zpsb0ba7a32.jpg
With her mother's guidance this 4-H Club member works on preparing her entry in the fair.

 photo IMG_5373b_zps86076725.jpg
Before it comes time to be judged at the Grange Fair everyone gets a bath.

 photo IMG_5380b_zpsbfe80aff.jpg

 photo IMG_5397b_zpseff31fd3.jpg
Everyone is looking good.

 photo IMG_5412b_zpseec77920.jpg
Ladles at the ready in the Grange kitchen.

 photo IMG_5414b_zpsc5801f71.jpg
Old school pencil sharpener.

 photo IMG_5345b_zps67954898.jpg
Turkey buzzard soaring over an old abandoned farm orchard.

 photo IMG_5418b_zps22efd8c7.jpg
While working on the photos from the Grange fair I looked out my window and spotted this doe looking in at me.

 photo IMG_5673b_zps343adb61.jpg
Electric boxes on the outside of a garage.

 photo IMG_5705b_zpscdf146ce.jpg
A 1978 Massey Ferguson 1105 pulls a Case International rolled hay baler.

 photo IMG_5707b_zps009eecb6.jpg
Old school New Holland Hayliner.

 photo IMG_5614b_zps625aa1d6.jpg
Suet feeder just waiting for the winter to arrive.

 photo IMG_5615b_zpscdf8fb26.jpg