Thursday, October 31, 2013

Fall in the Laurel Highlands

 photo PICT4588Flower2_zps9941237a.jpg

 photo PICT4592Flower1_zps1593edd8.jpg

 photo IMG_4987WindFarm_zpsf266e563.jpg
Autum in the Laurel Highlands on Farmer Westrick's Farm outside of Hastings, PA.

 photo IMG_5160Eburg_zps7aaaafb6.jpg
Touring Ebensburg, PA at night on my way home from a shoot.

 photo IMG_5204GESwitcherJPG_zps725d4c12.jpg
At the railroad junkyard in Sankertown

 photo IMG_5262FirstSno_zps9a0cc7f3.jpg
Our first snow of the season.  It wasn't much to look at but it was snow none the less.  Thankfully this was not a heavy snow because of all the leaves still on the trees it would have surely knocked out the electricity.

 photo IMG_9124Sheep_zpsbfdb8f10.jpg
Are you looking at me?  Sheep in a field near Harmony, PA.  They say Harmony isn't a town but it is on the map, so to me it is a town.

 photo IMG_5279Corn1_zpsb72b131e.jpg
Harvesting corn in Susquehanna Township, Cambria County, PA.

 photo IMG_5311Corn2_zps41dfe9d2.jpg
John Deere corn harvester.  This machine can pick and shell at the same time.

 photo IMG_9155AppleTree_zpsdb0370e8.jpg
Close-up - an apple tree grows in Plattsville, PA.

 photo IMG_9161Corn3_zpsf3aab1d8.jpg
John Deere Model 6620 Titan II.  This 1987 harvester can hold 166 bushels of shelled corn before it needs to be unloaded.

 photo IMG_5338Beef1_zps3594447e.jpg
Yearling steer in a field about 1/2 mile down the road from our house.

 photo IMG_5339Beef2_zpsb736f242.jpg
You can't really see it from this angle but the black yearling is feeding on a little mother's milk.

 photo IMG_5340Al3_zps026a3064.jpg
The Altoona Women's Club house in Altoona, PA.  At one time this building was part of the Baker Estate and dates back to around 1811.

 photo IMG_5349Al2_zps4fc6fadb.jpg

 photo IMG_5350Al1_zps2fede907.jpg
Flower bouquet on the wrought iron gate in front of the Altoona Woman's Club.

 photo IMG_5147Halloween_zps39f9ea45.jpg
This haunted house is along Cambria Slope Road also known as Old Route 22 near Ebensburg, PA.

These last three photographs are a tribute to The Mexican Day of the Dead Celebration.

 photo IMG_6395DoD1_zps95540145.jpg

 photo IMG_6397DoD2_zps9bf8b277.jpg

 photo IMG_7842DoDWall_zps7a19fa2f.jpg

Friday, October 18, 2013

Driving on Route 30

 photo IMG_4591XmasHaus_zpsf3b317ca.jpg
Christmas Haus in New Oxford, PA.
An 1891 brick home that has been turned into a store whose primary products are German Christmas gifts.

 photo IMG_4602DogMirror_zps80e316f6.jpg
While passing through Gettysburg, PA along Route 30 we stopped for a break in the downtown area which was hosting an antiques fair.  We made several small purchases including a 1925 edition of the Pennsylvania Grange Cookbook.

 photo IMG_8926Nelson_zps71d50f62.jpg
Lord Nelson's is a gallery located just off Lincoln Square in downtown Gettsyburg and features wildlife, historical art and gifts.

 photo IMG_8936ClockTower_zps1705001d.jpg
Clock tower on the campus of Gettysburg College.  The college is a private, 4-year liberal arts school which was founded in 1832 and sits just adjacent to the Gettysburg battlefield.

 photo IMG_4612Amtrak2_zps1193c40e.jpg
Also in Gettysburg for the antiques fair was the traveling rail museum sponsored by Amtrak.

 photo IMG_4614Amtrak1_zps845f2a4a.jpg
The paint scheme on the engine -- America's Railroad Salutes Our Veterans

The next six photographs were shot during a visit to the Gettysburg Regional Airport during its Wings, Wheels and Pancake Fly-in Breakfast.

 photo IMG_46261946PC_zps28e99019.jpg
1946 Piper Cub

 photo IMG_46341946Stinson_zpsa5bd4055.jpg
1946 Stinson

 photo IMG_46391999c_zps859b57ec.jpg
1999 Citabria

 photo IMG_4656Piper_zps8b4bdd7d.jpg
1946 Piper taking off.

 photo IMG_89411947Luscombe_zpsdac54261.jpg
1947 Luscombe

 photo IMG_89521955TriP_zpsb3625e46.jpg
1955 Piper Tri Pacer.

 photo IMG_8965Ford_zpsfeaf5cfd.jpg
Just west of Gettysburg I took notice of old Ford vehicles lined up beside a garage in front of a large American flag.  Right away I stopped, turned around, and went back to get these shots.

 photo IMG_8972FordCars_zps369c5548.jpg

 photo IMG_8983Tires_zps8ca63984.jpg

 photo IMG_9001ModT_zps74c23322.jpg

Our next stop along Route 30 was at Mr. Ed's Elephant Museum and Candy Shop near Orrtanna, PA.  Over the year's this is one of the places that we stop at on our way home from York, PA.

 photo IMG_9007EdsEl_zps7d93e727.jpg

 photo IMG_9012BluEl_zpsbc2b4c12.jpg
This elephant is a new addition since our last visit in April 2013.  It sits in Mr. Ed's front yard.

 photo IMG_9051FruitStand_zps0482b324.jpg
Our final stop before hitting the mountains was on the west side of Chambersburg where we stopped to pick up peaches and apples.

Thursday, October 03, 2013

York County, Pennsylvania

 photo IMG_8920Sign_zps3406bd0e.jpg
Logo over the entrance to the gift shop of The Northern Central Railway in New Freedom, PA.

 photo IMG_4324Y1_zpsf50abb13.jpg
The replica of the steam train York that took President Abraham Lincoln to Gettysburg when he gave his famous speech on November 19, 1863 sits idle waiting for its mid-day run to Hanover Junction, PA.

 photo IMG_4337Y2_zpsf35a14c4.jpg
The York is known as a 4-4-0 engine meaning that it has 4 small steering wheels in the front and 4 main driving wheels in the center and no wheels under the rear of the engine.

 photo IMG_4352Y3_zpsa454dff3.jpg
Engineer's controls on the starboard side of the engine.  There is an exact copy of these controls on the port side of the engine as well.

 photo IMG_8878Y21_zpsca2845ad.jpg
Train's engineer striking a pose.

 photo IMG_8897Y22_zps9364bbff.jpg
The second of the two train engineers watches the track as he moves toward the loading area for the afternoon run.

 photo IMG_4422Num17JPG_zps3697e53a.jpg
After an hour ride from New Freedom to Hanover Junction the passengers disembarked for a short rest stop and a tour of the museum inside the original Hanover Junction station.

 photo IMG_4451HJS_zpsc592c030.jpg
Once the passengers reload after their short break the York is ready for its return to New Freedom.  The round trip from New Freedom to Hanover Junction and back takes approximately 2 1/2 hours and covers 10 miles in each direction.

 photo IMG_4397Horse_zps245aeba4.jpg
One of two art pieces located in the Hanover Junction park honoring the prominence of horse farms in the area.

 photo IMG_4514M1_zps6e944851.jpg
Flowers for sale inside the Central Market in downtown York, PA.

 photo IMG_4522M2_zps3917b97d.jpg
As the times change so do the looks and variety of the market stands.

 photo IMG_4530M3_zps1c50cd2a.jpg
Areas that were once filled with individual vendors now take on a plaza feel with the area surrounded by a number of different food stands.

 photo IMG_4534M4_zpsf2a5ff19.jpg
Because of new fire codes being instituted the market has more of an open air atmosphere as the roofs that once covered many of the stands are now gone.

 photo IMG_4540M5_zpsfacdf1c0.jpg
Hot sauces on display.

The downtown area continues to undergo a renaissance of sorts with an ever expanding display of art.
 photo IMG_4546M6_zps3314b245.jpg

 photo IMG_4572PMeter_zps99ebb4d6.jpg

 photo IMG_4576PM2_zps2574a147.jpg

 photo IMG_4549M6_zpsf1d6a4c5.jpg
One of the many shops that dot Philadelphia Street near the market.

Industrial-design art planters made from salvaged equipment from local closed plants and factories.

 photo IMG_4551M7_zpsacc416e5.jpg

 photo IMG_4556M8_zps2a829215.jpg

 photo IMG_4557M9_zpse0348057.jpg

 photo IMG_4558P1_zpsec980a20.jpg

 photo IMG_4559P2_zps749139b7.jpg