Saturday, February 26, 2005

Another Snowy Week

Tower Road looking east, 1/2 mile from Baker's Crossroads.

Carrolltown Volunteer Fire Company honors lady auxiliary members.

Blairsville vs. Glendale in semi-finals of District 6 A basketball, played at Bishop Carroll High School in Ebensburg. Blairsville won 82 - 61. Shot for Latrobe Bulletin.

Low head dam, West Branch Susquehanna River along Route 219 northwest of Northern Cambria, PA.

Reflections in a pond.

Believe it or not, I picked today to go look for a new motorcycle. In front of Yahner's Clearview Farm along Route 36, between Patton and Chest Springs.

Farm in Elder Township south east of Hastings, PA.

Northern Cambria, Coal Country Hangout and Giant Eagle on the right side.

Pond along rails to trail in Northern Cambria, behind the Dairy Queen.

Friday, February 18, 2005

Star Gazings

Staff of Haida Manor, a local nursing home in Hastings, PA participated in a dress-down day on Valentine's Day, 2005. The day was sponsered by the American Heart Association's "Go Red for Women" Campaign.

Morning Star Ministries Church in Cookport raised the steeple on their new church on Tuesday, the 16th. The lighthouse steeple was designed in Alabama and stands 34 feet tall.

Nakia Weymer and Mike Ryan of Hastings got married at the Patton Six-Pack on Feb. 10th. Jill Paskowski, owner of the Six-Pack was the ring-bearer and Patton Mayor Steve Bakajza performed the ceremonies.

Barn in Susquehanna Township.

More rural farm lands.

Mist in the woods.

A stout wind blows snow across the front of St. Joseph's Church at Hart's Sleeping Place, two miles northeast of Carrolltown, Pennsylvania. St. Joe's, built in the early 1800's was the third recorded Catholic church in Cambria county. It was dedicated in honor of St. Joseph on Oct. 10th in 1830.

Looking northwest in Northern Cambria, PA. Take the road at the top of the picture, which is Route 219, and eventually you'll wind up in Buffalo, New York and from there it's only a short ride to Niagra Falls. If you're lucky you might get a chance to take a picture of your bike in front of the American Falls before the cops chase you away.

Religious statue sitting in the front yard of someone's home.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Star-Courier and Other Things

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Cambria Heights Students of the Month

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The Queen of Peace Catholic Church in Patton, PA. Patton is a town with a population of 1,972, and it covers one square mile. There are 980 homes in the borough of Patton, 619 of them are owner occupied.

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7:53 in the morning on February 4th. The sun stands out as a giant ball through the morning fog.

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Work is almost complete on the Patton Borough water system. The borough hopes to have construction completed by March.

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Amish horse and buggy along Rt. 219 in Northern Cambria, PA.

Trees in a field.

Pines stand out amongst the early morning fog.

Steers outside of a barn in Bugtown, Susquehanna Township.

African violet.

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Star Courier and Other Visual Musings 2/2/05

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A small woodland stream covered with snow and ice.

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A farm about a mile or so from our house. As I said, this is a very rural area.

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This is a typical Amish farm, of which there are few in the Northern Cambria area. The corn is removed from the stalks by hand and thrown in a wagon. The stalks are then cut off at ground level and stacked as you see them here.

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An Amish farmer returning to the barn after spreading his manure in a nearby field.

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Built in 1889 by the A.W. Buck family, this building now is the home of the Cambria County Historical Society.

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Built completely by one man, this is a scene of the Ed Holtz homestead in Susquehanna Township. These are only two of several buildings that Ed has built on the property over the years.

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Beautiful Northern Cambria, Pennsylvania. Pictured here is only a small portion of the town, which isn't all that big to start with. It has a population of 4,144 people, and covers approximately 3 square miles. This represents 1,300 people per square mile. The city of Philadelphia, on the other hand, has a population of 11,000 per square mile.

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Lake Glendale, just outside of Patton, PA.

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I can't help it, I just have a thing for barns.