Thursday, December 18, 2014

Christmas Cards. Past and Present

Christmas Past

 photo IMG_0885Peace_zps113cbb96.jpg

 photo IMG_1378MerryChristmas_zps8725464d.jpg

 photo IMG_3227MCc_zpsa8b21a77.jpg

 photo IMG_7175SG_zps188c5d1c.jpg

Christmas Present

 photo IMG_9587Flash_zps8e363330.jpg

 photo IMG_9657PinSanta_zps35f35a01.jpg

 photo IMG_9667FatSanta_zps45a83c0c.jpg

Thursday, December 04, 2014

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Old Steel

Just shooting old vehicles in a local field.

 photo IMG_6284JC1_zpsf7a6cbb5.jpg
I think this is a 1948 Chevy Pickup Truck.

 photo IMG_6285JC2_zps6b3e9399.jpg
Headlights on a 1940s Brockway dump truck.

 photo IMG_6294JC3_zps57b1c7c5.jpg
Gas pedal in the Brockway.

 photo IMG_6297JC4_zpsf3a04140.jpg
Old school emergency brake.

 photo IMG_6302JC5_zpsa29e93e3.jpg
Wheel of Mis-Fortune.

 photo IMG_6307JC6_zpsf604cbbe.jpg
Windshield wiper on the Brockway dump truck.

 photo IMG_6310JC9_zps8b4f072f.jpg
Brockway Herald

 photo IMG_6317JC7_zps05e384b5.jpg
1950s Dodge 100 pickup truck.

 photo IMG_6328JC8_zps870f47c7.jpg
1950's Buick Eight trunk lid

 photo IMG_6335JC10_zps21af80b2.jpg
Door handle on a White Super Mustang.

 photo IMG_6363JC11_zps207f2acd.jpg
Oldsmobile hood ornament.

 photo IMG_6365JC12_zps3a9ad143.jpg
Oldsmobile trunk lid.

 photo IMG_6376JC13_zpsb0ab4cb5.jpg
Spotlight on a 1948 Packard.

 photo IMG_6384JC14_zps12887953.jpg
1950's White Super Mustang truck, missing the fifth wheel.

 photo IMG_6415JC15_zps6d4592fb.jpg
1961 Dodge Polara tail light

 photo IMG_6425JC16_zpsb6951df1.jpg
A Brockway.