Thursday, December 08, 2011

Touring Presque Isle State Park and Erie, PA

When I asked my wife what she wanted to do special for her birthday she said she wanted to go to Presque Isle State Park.

I was somewhat surprised at this because people leave Erie, PA in December, not visit it.  What could have turned out to be a bad move, actually turned out to be a good time and we had fun during our overnight road trip.

Sunrise.  0647 Friday morning shot just before hitting the road.

Frost covered trees along Route 80 just west of the Clarion River.

Although this wasn't our first stop on Presque Isle it was the first time I took a camera out of the van and shot in the rain.  Although this structure is often mistaken for a light house, it is actually a pumphouse for the  original water works that was at this site.

A lone boat sits at the marina on Marina Lake.

Monument on Misery Bay to Oliver Hazard Perry, Hero of Lake Erie during the War of 1812.

From the information my wife found on a blog called we knew that there was a ship coming into the Port of Erie to load four new diesel train engines for the Freightliner Railroad in Great Britain but didn't think that we would be able to see them.  We got lucky.  This view was shot across Presque Isle Bay looking at the trains awaiting the arrival of the cargo ship at the Port of Erie.

After leaving Misery Bay we headed toward the U S Coast Guard Station on Presque Isle and happened upon the ship that was to take the train engines to Great Britain.  This is the BBC Colorado as it sails into the Port of Erie just across from the US Coast Guard Station.

Aft and starboard view of BBC Colorado as it passed by us.

Ring-billed Gull  -- Larus delawarensis

Presque Isle North Pierhead -- the only lighthouse of this design anywhere has been guiding mariners since 1857.

One of the benefits of being retired from the USMC is that we were given the courtesy of a tour of the US Coast Guard Station at Presque Isle.

The Colorado after it docked in the Port of Erie as seen from the shoreline at the US Coast Guard station.

House boats on Horseshoe Pond shot from along Coast Guard Road.

Once the weather started to clear up and the winds calmed down, a little, the lake didn't look as angry as it did when we first arrived on Presque Isle. 

An access road for Park Maintenance.

Another road running parallel to the dunes along the lake front.

Presque Isle Lighthouse built in 1873.
Saturday morning

After an early morning repeat tour of Presque Isle and a chance to fly some kites, we stopped at the Tom Ridge Environmental Center for this parting shot of Preque Isle.  We didn't have the time to visit the center but hope to on a return visit to Erie.

Created as a fund raiser in 2004 a series of frogs were done as art pieces and can be viewed around the city.  This one was in front of the former St. Joseph's Children's Home.

The Ken Boothe Sr. is the first tugboat completely built in Erie, PA 

Historic display of fighting on the USS Niagara shot inside the Erie Maritime Museum.

A boat sits in Dobbins Landing with the Biecentennial Tower in the background.

A view shot across Presque Isle Bay of two old houses built in the late 1800s or early 1900s on the Coast Guard base.  This shot was taken from near the Port of Lake Erie.  These will soon become just another part of history as they are scheduled to be razed in the near future.

So, not only did I get to see the train engines and the ship that was going to transport them, but I also got to see the trains being loaded.  

After the engines were at the correct height, they were then swung sideways so they could be loaded.

Ring-billed gull

A view of the North Pierhead Lighthouse from the shore near the Port of Erie.

This old boat sits beside the parking lot at the Land Lighthouse and hasn't seen water since 1979.

The next three shots are of the Erie Brewery Company, a micro brewery that we visited while in Erie.


Old outdoor advertising captured as we headed out of town.

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