Thursday, July 18, 2013

Colorado Part 2

 photo IMG_9772OhioRest_zps91d5e2f8.jpg
Making it a point to try and change drivers every two hours we pulled into the first Ohio rest stop that we came upon. It seems that every time we go west this is the place of our first break.

 photo IMG_9775Garden_zpsd17a3dcb.jpg
This is one of the prettiest rest stops that you'll see along the road. They seemed to have put a lot of time and effort into the landscaping.

 photo LeavingOhio_zps32f9d157.jpg
After leaving the state of Pennsylvania in a torrential downpour that followed us into West Virginia and part way into Ohio it was nice to be able to drive out of Ohio with the sun shining and a blue sky.

 photo IMG_9797BBoard_zps32a81391.jpg
With nothing better to do on a long drive across country I like to try and shoot as many scenes as I can to see what kind of photograph I capture while doing 70 mph.

 photo IMG_9833KanFarm_zpsf83219a6.jpg
One of the many old abandoned homesteads that dot the countryside as you drive across Route 70 in Kansas.

 photo IMG_9848PostRock_zps4969fd67.jpg
Post rock country hails back to a time when all the fence posts around the farm were made out of cut rock.

 photo IMG_9862Museum_zps84f89d30.jpg
Sternberg Museum of Natural History, in Hays, KS. One of these days we're gonna have to stop there.

 photo IMG_9885Rays_zpsd1a3920d.jpg
Normally I wouldn't shoot pictures of some of the billboards but I took a liking to this one because it was advertising that you could get something cold to drink at an old fashioned soda fountain.

 photo IMG_9902Colorado_zpsa237721e.jpg
I'm not sure the name of the person who took this picture for us but apparently he was somebody's grandpa because that's what it said on the front of his t-shirt.

 photo IMG_0083Painting_zps3537b3b1.jpg
Eternal Woman by Phyllis Hutchinson Montrose on display at the Kirkland Museum of Fine  & Decorative Art.

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