Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

 photo IMG_6620Sno1_zpsc0dc6649.jpg
After an overnight snow fall that dumped about 6 inches across the ridges of Cambria County, Pennsylvania it turned out to be a beautiful day for shooting pictures in the snow.

 photo IMG_6635Sno2_zps36a761ed.jpg
Seven Charms Equestrian Center along Number Nine Road in Susquehanna Township.

 photo IMG_6641Sno3_zps259b532d.jpg
One of our neighbors down over the hill has four of his steers in a pasture in front of his house.

 photo IMG_6812FPW_zps0bec6664.jpg
Female Pileated Woodpecker picks up scraps of suet that had fallen on the ground.

 photo IMG_9268Larch_zps0cc0a80e.jpg
Large tree standing in the sunshine down in Driscoll Hollow.

 photo PICT4694AppleTree_zps71112da6.jpg
Abandoned apple trees sitting in a field near Plattsville, PA.

 photo PICT4717TM1_zps3dcc84b7.jpg
Why does a model always need to preen before their close-up?

 photo PICT4714TM2_zpsd246de6a.jpg
Now I'm ready for my portrait to be taken.

 photo IMG_9317Slides_zps5eeee3e3.jpg
A dreary sky over the playground at the Harmony Elementary School.

 photo IMG_9356FarmArt_zps397549fa.jpg
An old tree turned into a piece of artwork along Sylvis Road, Clearfield County, PA.

 photo IMG_9361BE_zps6d9c89cd.jpg
American Bald Eagle shortly after taking off from a field in our neck of the woods.

 photo IMG_9459SunRise1_zps7f0a8c93.jpg
Sunrise over the wind farm in Elder Township near Patton, PA.

 photo IMG_71924Strings_zps4724c90b.jpg
String instruments waiting to be played at a concert of folk music at Saint Francis University.

 photo IMG_7336Duo_zpsa3ae1647.jpg
The duo Simple Gifts, Artists in Residence at Saint Francis University performing during the evening concert at the University JFK Student Center.

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