Saturday, September 27, 2014

Pittsburgh - A Three Hour Tour

 photo IMG_5533Lock_zpsdbdaf0a9.jpg
Welcome to Pittsburgh 
To tell the truth this parking lot booth is not as secure as it appears at first glance.

 photo IMG_5440Army_zps96348c6f.jpg
The Broadway Army-Navy Store on Liberty Avenue downtown.

 photo IMG_5444ArtWall_zps07788b14.jpg
Wall art on Liberty Avenue has a Jetson's feel to it.

 photo IMG_5538PlanP_zpsaf47ac61.jpg
Supporters of Planned Parenthood keeping a wary eye on pro-life activists on the other side of the street.

 photo IMG_5543ProL_zpsae1d8aa3.jpg
Point - Counter point
A stand off between pro life and pro choice supporters

 photo IMG_5548b_zps0e88cdcc.jpg
Red sneakers.

 photo IMG_5562Reflec_zps3d00caa3.jpg
Reflection of the Midtown Towers on the K and L Gates Building, 7th and Liberty.

 photo IMG_55352Women_zpsa5e5abc5.jpg
 Office space for rent 7th and Penn Avenue.

 photo IMG_5452Peddle_zps6debbc06.jpg
Visitors to the city take a tour on a pedal powered trolley on wheels.

 photo IMG_5458Bridge_zps84d19b58.jpg
9th Street Bridge crossing the Allegheny River.

 photo IMG_5464Bread_zps6872479d.jpg
Fresh bread on The Strip.

 photo IMG_5468Photos_zpsc92b4df2.jpg
Looking for photos of Pittsburgh.

 photo IMG_5479Artisans_zpsce58e0b3.jpg
One stop shopping for all wearable Pittsburgh sports gear.

 photo IMG_5483Beer_zps32c1dca5.jpg
Inside wall of the Bella Notte Pizza shop 19th and Penn.

 photo IMG_5492Park_zps39165d47.jpg
Every inch of space between 17th and 22nd Streets has a vendor of some sort on it.

 photo IMG_5498Coffee_zpsd4814d56.jpg
Roasting coffee at the Allegheny Coffee and Tea Exchange, one of two coffee companies on The Strip.

 photo IMG_5527PaperBox_zpse69505bf.jpg
Newspaper box offering free employment guide.

 photo IMG_5537Accor_zpse4c70d52.jpg
I was surprised to find any kind of street performers on Penn Avenue.

 photo IMG_5547Peppers_zpscf44c7ce.jpg
From what I've been told after the fact, Saturdays are the only day that this curbside pepper roaster is operational outside of the Reyna Mexican Grocery.

 photo IMG_5563Mando_zpse4f499a5.jpg
Demonstration of food slicers at the "In the Kitchen" store.

 photo IMG_5576WallArt_zpsf0caafe2.jpg
Art work on Penn Avenue.

 photo IMG_5591Walker_1_zpsf308fe32.jpg
Looks like someone has been shopping at Pittsburgh Spice Shop.

 photo IMG_5598Horn_1_zps1b4d73a0.jpg
Trombone man.

 photo IMG_5600Fish_zpsc33c4d07.jpg
Inside pillar at Luke Wholey's Wild Alaskan Grill.

 photo IMG_5603Lucys_zpsa34bf12d.jpg
Lucy's Handmade Clothing.

 photo IMG_5605Rooster_zps9188b424.jpg
Rooster on the roof of  DeLuca's Restaurant seems to be guarding The Strip.

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