Thursday, October 09, 2014


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With its head held in place this young goat is getting a trim prior to the judging at the Harmony Grange Fair.

 photo IMG_5342b_zpsa037a14c.jpg
Billy Goat Gruff looking over the top of his pen to see what is going on in the barn.

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With her mother's guidance this 4-H Club member works on preparing her entry in the fair.

 photo IMG_5373b_zps86076725.jpg
Before it comes time to be judged at the Grange Fair everyone gets a bath.

 photo IMG_5380b_zpsbfe80aff.jpg

 photo IMG_5397b_zpseff31fd3.jpg
Everyone is looking good.

 photo IMG_5412b_zpseec77920.jpg
Ladles at the ready in the Grange kitchen.

 photo IMG_5414b_zpsc5801f71.jpg
Old school pencil sharpener.

 photo IMG_5345b_zps67954898.jpg
Turkey buzzard soaring over an old abandoned farm orchard.

 photo IMG_5418b_zps22efd8c7.jpg
While working on the photos from the Grange fair I looked out my window and spotted this doe looking in at me.

 photo IMG_5673b_zps343adb61.jpg
Electric boxes on the outside of a garage.

 photo IMG_5705b_zpscdf146ce.jpg
A 1978 Massey Ferguson 1105 pulls a Case International rolled hay baler.

 photo IMG_5707b_zps009eecb6.jpg
Old school New Holland Hayliner.

 photo IMG_5614b_zps625aa1d6.jpg
Suet feeder just waiting for the winter to arrive.

 photo IMG_5615b_zpscdf8fb26.jpg

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