Thursday, December 20, 2007

Seasons Greetings

Well, campers, we still have four days to shop before Christmas. Have fun! I'm doing all of mine tomorrow, the 21st of December.

The nativity scene shown here sits in front of the front gate of the Schwab Estate in Loretto, PA.

For the first time since we've lived in the woods and have had bird feeders out, we've been visited by Common Grackles. They were here twice and I have approximately 25 pictures of their visits.

Common Grackle -- Quiscalus quiscula
This is a rare bird for our area.

Bluejay landing on sunflower seeder.

Loretto, PA, home of Saint Francis University, has the only traffic circle in Cambria County or this part of the state for that matter, as far as I know.

On our way to a Christmas party I spotted three horses in a pasture, but after we got turned around and went back to get a shot, this was the only one remaining and it was on it's way into the barn.

Glendale area barn.

Glendale Lake in winter.

This small covered bridge is in what is known as the Children's Play Area of Prince Gallitzin State Park outside of Patton, PA. This particular area is a pond just off the main lake that is for children to fish in.

When asked why I was taking this particular photograph, all I could come up with in response was the quote from Sir Edmund Hillary when asked about climbing Mount Everest, he said ..."Because it's there."

This chandelier was hanging from the ceiling at a Christmas party. I laid on the floor to get this shot because I liked the form this view provided.

The same chandelier, this time at light speed.

On the Inside, Looking Out.

Log hauler.
"This display has been reconstructed by Glendale Yearound on the original wheels and axles used by the Rhody Family during the 1920s and 30s."
For years this log hauler was used by the Rhody Family of Patton, PA as part of the saw mill that was operated on the land which now encompasses Glendale Yearound, a gated community near Prince Gallitzin State Park.

Exiting Glendale Yearound.

Snow Bound.
With its engine cowling covered by a protective blanket, rotor blades held in place by 5 gallon buckets of sand, the Conemaugh Hospital's MedStar 2 helicopter sits out the winter storm on its pad at Miner's Hospital in Hastings, PA.

As a way of showing the velocity of the wind in the previous photograph I shot this picture of the wind sock standing out horizontally in the face of the wind.

Abandoned Dog house.
As you can see from all the weeds growing around the dog house, we haven't had a dog for a number of years.

Dove on a rock in Black and White.
I did this before I had my first cup of coffee on a Sunday morning.

White-Breasted Nuthatch landing on the sunflower feeder.

I know I've said it before, but in the winter time I stand in front of the window with a cable release in hand hoping just to capture this kind of image.

I really hope that you folks don't get tired of seeing pictures of birds. This is a Mourning Dove sitting on a log outside of our family room windows.

Merry Christmas to all, from Gregg, Barbara, Zachary and Penelope!

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