Thursday, June 11, 2009

80% Non Human

So you are wondering about the 80% Non-Human title. That's because the majority of the pictures don't show any people.

It's been awhile since we've seen the Conemaugh MedStar helicopter fly into Miner's Hospital in Hastings. The helicopter was pulled out of service at the hospital sometime in January or February, I think.

These next four pictures were to be part of a whole blog issue on this robin building her nest and raising her chicks. Back at the end of April I posted three pictures of the robin as she was building one of two nests that she would use this year. Well, she didn't use this nest until about the end of May when she laid 4 eggs. Unfortunately, this all came to an end Sunday night or early Monday morning when something raided the nest and kicked out the 4 robin eggs. I had seen a Catbird at this nest a day or so before the eggs were stolen. My wife found one of the eggs lying on the ground a good 2-3 feet away from the nest. So goes life.

View a short movie of the robin returning to her nest.

Ant: Protector of all things peony.

Bumble bee visiting the rhododendron.

A skipper takes a break on top of a hosta leaf.

Patton, PA held their townwide yard sale last Saturday and this young lady went home a happy camper with her new stuffed bear.

A good sno ball always tastes good.

I would guess that this is one way to keep your tomatoes safe from the four legged garden raiders.

Bird bath


Bearer family with a memorial block for their son and brother, Joey, who passed away from Ataxia-Telangiectasia - "ay-TACK-see-uh Teh-LAN-jick-TAY-sha"

The 2009 Hastings t-ballers.

This piece of art was created from a photo of our trash can...after a bear lost it's battle to get inside it. Those holes are from the bear's teeth.

Blu window

This old hook is on the opposite wall of the previous photo. They are part of an old garage in Hastings, PA that has seen better days.

If these flowers are any indication, it looks like it's going to be a good year for berry pickin.

Hens and Chicks done in black and white with a filter.

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