Thursday, June 04, 2009

Four County Tour

Here it is June already and I swear the older I get the faster time slips through my fingers. This week's blog covers 4 counties, including Cambria.

This is the last picture taken of this barn before it became another pile of rubble laying on the ground. Looks like they tried to save some of the old boards before the roof caved in.

Skyline, Altoona, PA.

Turing around from the last shot, we're looking west at an east bound train passing the old Alto tower in Altoona. If you've been here before or seen the Alto tower on other websites, you'll notice that the building is now painted an ugly primer grey. Sure would have have helped the asthetics of the building if Norfolk Southern would have sprung for a 2nd contrast color.

I took a motorcycle tour through the back roads of Indiana County a little while back and took the next group of photographs. Should you be in the neighborhood on June 13th and 14th, stop in at the Jimmy Stewart Airport for the annual airport festival.

A mid-century 1956 Piper Tri-Pacer Model PA-22-150 sitting in front of the Jimmy Stewart Airport.

The Tri-Pacer is a 4 seater and has after market wing tips that the pilot told me gives him a little extra speed and a shorter takeoff.

The second of 2 older planes I saw at the airport on this trip was this 1974 Piper Super Cub. Originally sold in Canada, the plane has been restored from top to bottom and now carries a U.S. registration.

The Super Cab Model PA-18-150 is a 2 seater with a stick control.

Old fence on a farm in Indiana County, PA.

Old barn, Indiana County, PA.

Rhod Closed.

Three American flags sitting under a pine tree.

Geraniums in a deck box.

Salt and Pepper Shakers with Candy Bowl.

This is an "Oh so true" Pennsylvania Dutch saying.

Rhododendron enhanced in PhotoShop 2

We took a ride north to Clearfield on Saturday to see some of the sights.

Log Cabin at "Bloody Knox", site of war resistance during the Civil War.

This shed houses a period wagon, sleigh, buggy and thrashing machine.

Oil lamp in the upstairs window.

Leitzinger's Department Store shot at Third and Market in downtown Clearfield, PA. The ground floor of the building is now a huge antique store.

Hand-carved Merry-Go-Round horse in the antique shop window on Market Street in Clearfield, PA.

Old Clearfield Jail house built in 1841?

This photo is a composite panorama created from 3 separate shots of the Curwensville Dam.

Swimming area of the Curwensville Dam.

My indoor buddhas had a short visit outside so I could get these shots with the green spring backgrounds.

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M said...

I just discovered your blog and am saddened to hear you may not be able to continue it much longer. Your pictures are amazing and I love the peek into another area and the lives of others that it offers. I've spent hours looking through it and have only looked at a smal portion of it so far!

The changes affecting print pubications leave such an effect on so many. I hope there will continue to be available work for our society's writers, artists, news gathereers, and those who make their jobs possible. We need those voices no less today than we did before our print publications were in jeaopardy.

Wishing you the best of luck. You are talented, skilled, and have an amazing eye and I hope you will be able to continue to bring these images to the world through your blog (or some alternative avenue at least) and published work. Thank you for sharing all you have so freely. All the best.