Thursday, September 10, 2009

Retro Three

Well, campers. Retro blog is done, but unfortunately, the home improvements still go on. You know what they say about the best laid plans of mice and men. For the most part the photographs shown in the last three weeks haven't seen the light of day for decades because they were originally shot as slides and not printed. Maybe in the future, as we continue to downsize, I'll discover the hiding place of the rest of the slides and have another retro show. I hope you've enjoyed the special blogs of the last three weeks.

America lands on the moon, July 31, 1971. Apollo 15
James Irwin also walked on the moon during this flight. Alfred Worden was the command module pilot. What adds to the interest in this flight is the crew took 398 first day issue envelopes with them. The money was going to be used for the chldren of the Apollo 15 astronauts. About 100 were sold to a German stamp dealer. And although it wasn't illegal at this point, NASA made an example of these astronauts and none ever had another mission. At the time I took this picture I didn't know this. But, thanks to the Internet and Wikipedia, I learned something new.

This is the first and only time we ever sat in the bleachers at Pocono International Raceway, Long Pond, PA.

A. J. Foyt, 1976, Schaefer 500, at Pocono.

Al Unser in his T400 Lola F 5000 car at Pocono 1975.

Bobby Allison, Schaefer 500.

Brian Redman, Formula 5000, 1975.
Brian would go on to win the world championship in 1975.

I had this photograph autographed by Mr. Redman at the next race at Pocono and today it hangs in my son's bedroom.

David Hobbs, another of the great English drivers of the mid-1970s.

Janet Guthrie and Linda "Miss Hurst" Voughn in front of the grandstands before the start of the 1976 Schaefer 500 at the Pocono International Raceway.

Johnny Rutherford.
On race days, most of the drivers would hang out along the pit wall and just jaw with the press or anybody passing by in the pit area.

Mario Andretti.
Formula 5000, Pocono.

Mario's number 5 runs thru the road-course section of the 5000 race during a downpour.

Mario Andretti, Concentration.

Mario Andretti, Consultation.

Mario Andretti, Cooperation.

Salt Walters.
Playboy, race car driver.
1976 Schaefer 500.

Wally Dallenbach driving the Patrick Racing Team's Wildcat Mk I DGSTC to second place at the Schaefer 500 at Pocono.

Comedian Allen King takes a tour around the grounds at the Allentown Fair, Allentown, PA.

Randy Bachman, of Bachman Turner Overdrive.

Live, and on stage, Donny Osmond!

Marie Osmond.
I shot the Osmond shows at the Allentown Fair for three years in a row. Between 1975 and 1978, I shot 28 shows at the Fair.

Jon "Bowser" Bauman, ShaNaNa,
Greaser for Peace, 1979 Valley Forge Music Fair.

Kenny Rodgers, 1977.

Over the years I've gotten to meet a lot of very talented and interesting folks. I've never made much money as a photographer, but I've had one hell of a good time. I still have the press pass I'm wearing on the suspenders in this picture.

Our nephew, Jay. Sometime in 1976.

Heather and Justine, at the shore.


ツ Heather ツ said...

love the photos and I LOVE KENNY ROGERS!! always have since I was little. I would love to meet that man. How is he in person? Now I want to watch the Gambler... Great Photos :)

Anonymous said...

I was at that Sha-Na-Na show in 1979. Too funny.