Thursday, February 03, 2011

15 Photographs of Snow

I know it's supposed to snow in the winter but why does it need to snow every day. Every three or four days would be fine by me.

On a snowy day when the snow turns the outside world calm and quiet, you can hear the state plow truck coming when it's still a half mile away.

Always green, the Spanish Yucca stands tall and firm, well, for the most part.

The bending leaves of the Spanish Yucca take on the appearance of a praying mantis in this black and white shot.

This old mailbox might look like just another piece of junk sitting in the yard but the birds like to hide in it when the snow is blowing. The original idea for putting the mailbox in the garden, besides it looking cool, was for toads to use it for shelter during the summer.

Standing on Harvey Street at 7th Avenue, Hastings. Very few people in Hastings live on flat land.

One part of my brain tells me this is pretty neat.
The other half says there is something wrong with me.

New to our garden this year were these Sedum plants.

Male Goldfinch.

Mourning Dove.


Male Red-Bellied Woodpecker.

Male Red-bellied Woodpecker taking off with a beak full of suet.

Male Tree Sparrow.

Female Junco.

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