Thursday, October 27, 2011

9 Plus 9

This week's blog features 9 photographs from two different experiences.

The first nine shots are of an abandoned, dilapidated building in Altoona, PA.   Recently the residents of Altoona were complaining about graffitti around the city.  But the news story said nothing about dilapidated buildings that are left standing.  It's easier to bust a kid with a can of spray paint than it is to bust a businessman with a checkbook and lawyers.    Ironically, the graffiti is for a demolition, salvage business in another part of the city.









For many years I've been a vendor at the Apple Cider Festival held at Muskrat Beach at Prince Gallitzin State Park.  This year I got to be a demonstrator and give visitors an opportunity to learn how to take the nature shots.   I was fortunate to be across from the Shaver's Creek Environmental Center display.   I often get questions about how I take the owl and hawk photographs.   I was able to demonstrate to visitors to this year's Apple Cider event how I take the shots and they were able to take some of their own. 

Female American Kestrel -- Falco sparverius

Barred Owl -- Strix varia

Barred owl - close-up

Barn Owl -- Trto alba

Barn Owl -- close-up

Broad-winged Hawk -- Buteo platypterus

Broad-winged Hawk -- close-up

Great Horned Owl -- Bubo virginianus

I just wonder what the bird in the background is thinking.

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