Thursday, October 13, 2011

Back to the Present

A Tobacco Hornworm Moth soaking up the early morning sun. 

While shopping in a military commissary I picked up this bottle of whiskey to use in making beef jerky.  Should have enough to marinate 15 pounds of beef.   3 pounds of beef = 1 pound of dried jerky

Great Spangled Fritillary Butterfly on the last of the butterfly bush blossoms.

Buddha behind blooming sedum.

I don't know one mushroom from another but it looks pretty.

The results of playing with fire and PhotoShop.

Bee on a Goldenrod

Back and side views of 2 turkey buzzards that were feeding on a porcupine until I came upon their picnic.

American Classics
A flag and a white picket fence.

White-tailed deer also known as the Virginia deer keeping an eye on me as I keep an eye on it.

Three of about 6 white tailed deer I saw along a back road eating apples in an old farm orchard.

While waiting to be judged at the Harmony Grange Fair this goat checks out the competition.

After a bath and a hair cut a 4-H member gives her pet goat a pep talk prior to the judging.

New York Asters next to a fence on Route 219 South.

Go to the crossroads, turn to the left and Hastings is only 3 more miles to the NorthWest.

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EdByrnes said...

Cool picture Gregg.