Thursday, May 16, 2013

New World - Old World

The first five pictures in this week's blog are from my new world in Cambria County and the rest are from my old world in York County.

 photo IMG_5481PSU_zpse17c9b1a.jpg
Members of the Penn State University Sailing Club enjoy a day of sailing on Lake Glendale near Patton, PA.

 photo IMG_5628FPW_zps43affef5.jpg
Female Pileated Woodpecker on a sassafras tree.

 photo IMG_5930Cowbirds_zps0bd0c788.jpg
Male and Female Brown-headed Cowbirds savor a little family time on the suet feeder.

 photo DSCF2543FPF_zpsd04b85d2.jpg
Female Purple Finch

 photo DSCF25452FPF_zps954b3eae.jpg
Two Female Purple Finches.

 photo IMG_6129Horlacher_zpsff0b4321.jpg
Long since out of business, Horlacher's Beer was originally brewed in Allentown, PA.  I can't remember when this advertisement was not on the side of this building along Route 30 in Thomasville, PA.

 photo IMG_6131MAampPA_zpsc293c4d0.jpg
Former Maryland and Pennsylvania (Ma and Pa) SW-9 that belongs to the York Rail Company which is actually owned by the Genesee and Wyoming Inc.

This artwork was created by Salvaging Creativity and located along a two block stretch of North George Street in York, PA.  All the funds were raised by donations from businesses and art lovers.

 photo IMG_6150YA1_zps1725076c.jpg

 photo IMG_6161Dragon_zps2a044dff.jpg

 photo IMG_6166YA2_zps95e33215.jpg

 photo IMG_6194YA3_zpsf9dd1091.jpg

 photo IMG_6203YA4_zpse20741f2.jpg

 photo IMG_6211Quakers_zpsbb616ac9.jpg
York Friends Meeting Place at 135 W. Philadelphia Street, York, PA. 
The right side was built in 1766, the left side was built in 1783.  It was added to accommodate the women's meeting as the women met separately and conducted their own business and administered their own monies.  The building is still in use today.

 photo IMG_6220YA5_zps55e03a8f.jpg
Queen and Princess Streets, York, PA.

 photo IMG_6333GasPump_zps5223dfaa.jpg
Gas pump located along Route 30 in Gettysburg, PA.  One of many that dot the historic Lincoln Highway, U.S. Route 30.

 photo IMG_6426Meditation_zpsf0bf785a.jpg

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