Thursday, May 02, 2013

Playing Catch-Up

 photo IMG_3062CWren_zps31ac8449.jpg
Seems every year or so we get just one Carolina Wren.  It stays for a few days then disappears.

 photo IMG_6362Pheasent_zpsd4501e37.jpg
At one time you could find pheasant in almost every part of Pennsylvania.  But with the loss of farm land due to housing developments most of the birds we see now are farm raised and stocked.

 photo IMG_3103Doves_zps2fa1f41e.jpg
Mourning Doves.

 photo IMG_3670Deer_zpsaa511398.jpg
White tail deer walking past the window and hoping we are not looking.

 photo IMG_3809HenTurkey_zps5e881b43.jpg
Separated from the flock this hen turkey passes here several times a week all by herself

 photo IMG_3303Beer_zps85570942.jpg
I'm pronouncing this the official beer of the Prince Gallitzin Rowing Club.

 photo IMG_3200Waiting_zps8d45e664.jpg
Passengers waiting for the morning train in Altoona.

 photo IMG_3219AmT513_zps63542929.jpg
For the last several months these SPD40-F units have been pulling the Amtrak passenger train from Pittsburgh to Philadelphia.

To celebrate my birthday this year we took a train ride on Amtrak from Johnstown, PA to Harrisburg, PA and back again.

 photo IMG_3835BD01_zps88aa56fd.jpg
Eastbound freight train pulled by Norfolk Southern Number 8068, an ES44AC diesel, moves through Johnstown at 8:54 a.m. about 5 minutes before the passenger train we were waiting for to begin our Saturday adventure.

 photo IMG_3854BD02_zpsd60b8a00.jpg
The Amtrak 513 pulling into the Johnstown station at 0900 on April 6, 2013.

 photo IMG_3872BD03_zpsd5cfa70c.jpg
It's been a long time since I've been on a train.  My, how things have changed.

 photo IMG_3878BD04_zps880398c3.jpg
Passing through the Norfolk Southern plant in the Juniata section of Altoona, PA.

 photo IMG_3880BD05_zpsad75107c.jpg
At this facility, Norfolk Southern builds, repairs and re-builds all of their diesel engines.

 photo IMG_3900BD06_zps5275661c.jpg
I've decided that train rides are move fun without leaves on the trees to obstruct your view.

 photo IMG_3914BD07_zps7905542b.jpg
Once arriving in Harrisburg passengers can ride on several other regional lines out of the Harrisburg train station.

 photo IMG_3915BD08_zps899e3775.jpg
Harrisburg's first electric locomotive, a GG1-type, No. 4859, pulled the first scheduled electric train between Philadelphia and Harrisburg in 1938.  It was put on permanent display at the Harrisburg Transportation Center in 1986.  Sitting next to it is a modern day electric train.  Both of these trains receive their electric current from overhead power lines through the use of a pantograph.

 photo IMG_3932BD09_zpsf07f6c73.jpg
Because we were a little ahead of schedule arriving in Harrisburg I was able to get another shot of our lead engine.

 photo IMG_3949BD10_zps460227e2.jpg
Rachel Carson Building in Harrisburg, home of the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection.

 photo IMG_3961BD11_zps7f042d6a.jpg
Pennsylvania State Capital as seen from 4th and Market Streets.

 photo IMG_3964BD12_zpseb100e04.jpg
This would have been our choice for a place to eat on our hour and a half layover in Harrisburg, but it was closed by the time we got there.  The owner did offer us the pizza he was going to have for lunch with his staff.

 photo IMG_3967BD13_zps60d30fd9.jpg
Harrisburg Transportation Center.

 photo IMG_3975BD14_zps2734a5a6.jpg
Rear entrance to Pint's, a local dive.

 photo IMG_3978BD15_zps69e88351.jpg
Amtrak diesel engine 514 has been sitting along the platform for the whole time that we were in Harrisburg.

 photo IMG_3984BD16_zps7d013360.jpg
Inside the terminal on the way to our gate.

 photo IMG_3996BD17_zps4b03d2d7.jpg
Amtrak engine number 73, our ride home, as it pulls into Harrisburg.

 photo IMG_4004BD18_zps84f2ee14.jpg
Pulling out of the Harrisburg terminal our train passes through a staging yard where trailers are loaded onto intermodal rolling stock and then readied for transportation throughout the United States.  The engine seen here is a GP38-2.

 photo IMG_4027BD19_zpsb079cbf1.jpg
After getting on the train at 9 o'clock Saturday morning, we returned to Johnstown at 6 p.m. Saturday evening.  All in all, it was a good time and a hell of a way to celebrate my 67th birthday.

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