Thursday, June 20, 2013

Jimmy Stewart Airport Festival 2013

Although the airport festival is a Saturday / Sunday event, most of the big airplanes that will be on display fly in on Friday.  Never knowing exactly when the planes are coming in I get to the airport early so that I can get pictures of their approach, landing and parking so that I have at least one or two pictures without a crowd around the aircraft.

Friday - 14 June 2013

 photo IMG_8989JSA01_zps438ac69f.jpg
Because I get to the airport early in the day I get to see several different types of aircraft that come and go.  This photograph shows a 1997 Cessna Model 550 Windstar 9-seat corporate jet.

 photo IMG_8994JSA02_zps8e8a3358.jpg
2008 American Champion Aircraft Citabrim

 photo IMG_8999JSA03_zpsf7312b13.jpg
Another of the corporate jets that happened to come into the airport on Friday afternoon was this Israeli Aircraft Industries Model 1124A.  It is a 12-seat twin-engine turbo jet.

 photo IMG_9079JSA04_zpsfa1cb836.jpg
After a long wait in the hot sun the weekend show pieces start to arrive.  The first to land was this Boeing Stearman E75 also known as an N2S/PT17.  The aircraft flew in from Florida and is capable of flying at 124 miles per hour.  It can cover 500 miles on a tank of gas.

 photo IMG_9095JSA05_zps859971a7.jpg
Another shot of the Stearman before it was put into a hangar for the night.

 photo IMG_9155JSA06_zps1e7f1919.jpg
Known as the Barbie III this B-25H Mitchell bomber built in 1943 is one of only 25 that are still flying in the U.S.  Through talking with the air crew I found out that the airplane was bought from the US government in 1969 for $3,500.

 photo IMG_9225JSA07_zpsc3799d80.jpg
C-46 Tinkerbell coming in for a landing.  The airplane was built by Curtiss Wright Aircraft Company in 1941.  Its real claim to fame was its ability to fly over "The Hump", the Himalayan Mountains. With its 1700 horsepower motors the transport was able to carry up to 40,000 pounds of cargo.

 photo IMG_9258JSA08_zps715a82ef.jpg
Next in line is the AT6-G Texas Trainer.  Known as the Pilot Maker, this low wing mono-plane with its 550 horsepower Platt and Whitney engine is capable of 205 miles per hour.  This plane was built in 1952. 

 photo IMG_9259JSA09_zps613c47a9.jpg
One of the WWII re-enactors rides his pristine Wizard motorized bicycle around the airport.

Saturday - 15 June 2013

 photo IMG_9275JSA10_zps38746df7.jpg
B-25 sitting in the fog at 07:15 Saturday morning.

 photo IMG_9281JSA11_zpsdc40bade.jpg
1942 Dodge Carryall

 photo IMG_9302JSA12_zps05b01e1e.jpg
With the fog starting to lift, the T6 gets fueled up and serviced.

 photo IMG_9351JSA13_zps67020102.jpg
C46 Tinkerbell

 photo IMG_9387JSA14_zps1286e1d3.jpg
T6 trainer taking off with its first passenger.

 photo IMG_9395JSA15_zpsbd49522a.jpg
Navy version of the AT6 Texan is this SNJ-5 built in 1958.

 photo IMG_9397JSA16_zps5800d8de.jpg
L-39C Albatross is a jet trainer built in Czechoslovakia by Aero Vodochody.  It is now based in Lock Haven, PA.

 photo IMG_9422JSA17_zps928d5e77.jpg
SNJ taxis into the static display area at the Jimmy Stewart Airport.

 photo IMG_9434JSA18_zps7b765810.jpg
Designed by Piel Emerande this homebuilt CP-32A flew in from Churchill, PA.

 photo IMG_9476JSA19_zpsb98322cc.jpg
1948 Navion Model A a four-seater with a 205 horsepower Continental motor.  The aircraft flew in from the state of Virginia.

 photo IMG_9551JSA20_zps49e4c24d.jpg
The LifeFlight helicopter lifts off from the airport and flies over top of the B-25 as the chopper makes its way back to the Indiana County Hospital late on Saturday afternoon.

 photo IMG_9571JSA21_zpsdd205697.jpg
Navy SNJ leaves a smoke trail as it does a fly-by down the main runway.

 photo IMG_9602JSA22_zps45b45de1.jpg
My friend Scott gives me a look as he does a fly-by in his Pitts Special before climbing to about 3,000 feet over the airport to do barrel rolls, and upside down flying.

 photo IMG_9690JSA23_zps0b42b6cd.jpg
T6 does a fly-by over the field before heading home to Lock Haven, PA.

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