Thursday, June 06, 2013

Luray, VA

A town worth visiting, there is a lot to do here and except for the Caverns it doesn't cost an arm and a leg.

 photo IMG_8262LV1_zpsa24fd1c5.jpg
Building along the Hawksbill Greenway in downtown Luray, VA

 photo IMG_8265LV2_zps3888cef3.jpg
This building is right beside the building in the previous shot.

 photo IMG_8268LV3_zps976611d0.jpg
Warehouse Art Gallery located just off of Main Street.  The gallery is over 7,000 square feet and is used for a multitude of activities, including musical performances, receptions and wine tastings.

 photo IMG_8278LV4_zps77992356.jpg
Slug Boy
Just a small part of a chainsaw art character by artist Glenn Richardson

 photo IMG_8284LV5_zps841ad9d5.jpg
Artist Card by Mary delaFontaine

 photo IMG_8305LV6_zps10b7c2fb.jpg
Artist in Residence by Chance Liscomb.

 photo IMG_8317LV7_zpsce99f2ae.jpg
Mascot for the Luray High School Class of 1965.

 photo IMG_8321LV8_zps7176c55c.jpg
Decisions by Cynthia Greene.

 photo IMG_8397LV9_zps1ab8897f.jpg
Black-crowned Night Heron
This is only the third time I've seen one of these birds.

 photo IMG_8403LV10_zpsdcc640d3.jpg
Showing the wings of the Black-crowned Night Heron as it flies away from me.  The wing-span of the bird is approximately 40 inches.

 photo IMG_8435LV11_zps71d2f031.jpg
Singing Tower that stands across the road from Luray Caverns.  It was built in 1937.

 photo IMG_8445LV12_zps89d1543b.jpg
Page Theatre along East Main Street.

 photo IMG_8505LV13_zps5c6da09e.jpg
Fly fisherman along Hawksbill Greenway

 photo IMG_8548LV14_zps5e607b2a.jpg
BB Wolf opened up the free summer concert series in Ruffner Plaza along the Greenway.

 photo IMG_8566LV15_zps09734bac.jpg
Even though this photograph shows a somewhat sparse crowd the locals did turn out as the cold, windy evening progressed.

 photo IMG_8606LV16_zpse16fb90a.jpg
Farm pasture.

 photo IMG_8615LV17_zps8c2e6c20.jpg
Unfortunately I was only able to get a few shots of the old buildings and farmhouses while driving around the area.  There weren't any pull-off areas along the narrow two-lane roads outside of the city limits.  I saw a lot but it wasn't safe to stop.

 photo IMG_8633LV18JPG_zps1a4f623e.jpg
Jewelry stand inside the Page Valley Flea Market near Stanley, VA.   The market is housed in two old chicken coops that are probably 250 feet long.

 photo IMG_8662LV19_zps04d57b40.jpg
One of several monuments dedicated to CSA veterans of the Civil War.

 photo IMG_8667LV20_zpsf4e27c9e.jpg
There is only one set of train tracks in Luray, and I was lucky enough to get this shot of a Norfolk Southern train as it went flying through town.

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