Friday, September 20, 2013

A Blog With No Name

 photo IMG_0667WallArt_zpsc1e7bd8e.jpg
Some really nice wall art on the outside wall of a tattoo parlor in Denver, CO.

The next three photographs were shot of an abandoned garage in Nederland, CO which is up in the mountains west of Boulder.

 photo IMG_1218Cola_zps58e90b26.jpg
A sign of good taste.

 photo IMG_1223Window_zps992836a9.jpg
Sign, Sign, Everyone a No Trespassing Sign.

 photo IMG_1225Light_zpsfb02b98f.jpg
Definitely lights out.

 photo IMG_3838Flower_zps7344d554.jpg
It's the middle of September, the weather is growing cooler, but the Morning Glories still bloom.

 photo IMG_3842Sun_zps73af9515.jpg
The sun trying to make its self seen through the morning fog.

 photo IMG_3873StoneFace_zpsac22aea4.jpg
Easter Island meets the Hill Williams.

 photo IMG_3878Flam_zps9aa7211a.jpg
Flamingo Paradise

 photo IMG_7355BampW_zps94fe1be4.jpg
A local trying to talk on his cell phone while standing 20 feet away from a construction site in downtown Denver, CO.

 photo IMG_7447Drawing_zpsf4b13c3e.jpg
It would appear that the person in this drawing is trying to hang the drawing on the wall.

 photo IMG_7597Cabin_zpsc669d4ab.jpg
An old hunting cabin high in the Rocky Mountains.

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