Thursday, December 12, 2013

The End of Fall

The end of fall is upon us.

 photo IMG_6978Corman_zpsc15f1543.jpg
One of several R J Corman engines working in the Sankertown area. It seems that they are getting ready to put new railroad ties over most of the local area that this short line operates on.

 photo IMG_9394CRSnoPlow_zps3aa291b5.jpg
Once used by Conrail to clean snow from the mainline, this old snow plow was built in East Chicago, IN by the Jordan Company in September of 1979.

 photo IMG_7011IndianaCo_zpscc86cd9f.jpg
Indiana County, Pennsylvania court house.

 photo IMG_7208HammerD_zpsd2d5a61b.jpg
Hammer Dulcimer.

 photo IMG_7398DancingMan_zps04903d81.jpg
Dancing Man. 
In the hands of a talented player this old-time toy can put on quite a show.

 photo IMG_7416AFiddler_zps808d2192.jpg

 photo IMG_7562SunRise_zps955ddc17.jpg
Standing on the deck watching the sun rise.

 photo IMG_7803BOnIce_zps51cb2d9e.jpg
Black-capped Chickadee sitting on an ice covered branch during the storm last week.

On the way to the doctor's office I stopped in Cresson to see what trains might be passing through the area. 

 photo IMG_7997NS9635_zpscb6463a1.jpg
Norfolk Southern freight train heading west on the mainline.

 photo IMG_8018Sander_zps7d47d038.jpg
Engine maintenance territory. 
Here the diesel engines receive minor maintenance, are fueled and have their sand boxes refilled.

 photo IMG_8025NS6320_zps4e55d7e8.jpg
Helper engines heading back to the South Fork yard.

 photo IMG_8032Amtrak20a_zps6123c255.jpg
The daily passenger train and another pair of helper engines passing each other in Cresson.

 photo IMG_8095SnoTree_zpsdef7dd5f.jpg

 photo IMG_8125GateHouse2_zps753fb6b5.jpg
One of two gate houses at the former Charles Schwab Estate in Loretto, PA.

 photo IMG_8140GateHouse3_zps0d814035.jpg
Another of the gate houses.  This one is located at the rear of the estate.

 photo IMG_8152YellowBarn_zps3855a9d0.jpg
Farm along Columbia Road, between Loretto and Chest Springs, PA.

 photo IMG_8170CSBarn_zps8e8d6327.jpg
Horse stable located along Route 36 at Chest Springs.

 photo IMG_8202GDPCard_zps95fcf263.jpg

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