Thursday, June 05, 2014

Two Weeks in May

 photo IMG_9236Viola_zpsbe8ec2e1.jpg
Violas planted in an old bird cage.

 photo IMG_9256Flower-Copy_zps27fcd855.jpg

 photo IMG_9266DeckChair-Copy_zps413ce366.jpg
Red plastic deck chair

 photo IMG_9269WhiteBarn-Copy_zps1447c686.jpg
Old wooden barn sitting in the middle of a field in Susquehanna Township, Cambria County, PA.

 photo IMG_9290Watkins_zpsa6a89fab.jpg
Street sign.

 photo IMG_9315GMare_zpsc440dbf6.jpg
You've now arrived at the Ole Gray Mare, Carrolltown, PA.

 photo IMG_8622HeadWater_zpsb1b36748.jpg
Sign showing the approximate place where the West Branch of the Susquehanna River begins in Carrolltown, PA.

 photo IMG_8527ETruck_zpscc8a5792.jpg
Over the years I've been stopping at the Elias Scrap Yard in Northern Cambria, PA to shoot whatever I see from the road.  This week the photographs really show how much the vegetation is filling in around the old vehicles.

 photo IMG_8536GrenTrk_zps2b449ca6.jpg
Old International tow truck.

 photo IMG_8538EliasTow_zpsc47f2207.jpg
Heavy duty cable that was once used to tow heavy duty trucks.

 photo IMG_8542TruckDoor_zps003dbfd3.jpg
Cab door showing its age.

 photo IMG_8552Lamp_zps000e1aa0.jpg
Steampunk lamp made by my friend George, owner of the scrap yard.

 photo IMG_8565Cans_zps09b520e0.jpg
Aluminum cans brought in while I was at the scrap yard shooting.

 photo IMG_8667Poster_zps427c1f10.jpg
Billboard on the front wall of the Spring Gap, Maryland Post Office.

 photo IMG_8669DirSign_zps676f2df2.jpg
According to these directions, you can get there from here.

 photo IMG_8670MailBox_zps7e2d8d11.jpg
Old school mailboxes sitting out in front of a post office, which was closed, as we drove by on our way to Luray, VA.

 photo IMG_8683BagHam_zpsa5216773.jpg
Ham, cured the old time way.

 photo IMG_8698Tractor2_zpsf5422c06.jpg
1948 Oliver tractor sitting behind the Virginia Farm Market Stand.

 photo IMG_8870Art2_zps84767e45.jpg
Interior of the Warehouse Art Gallery in downtown, Luray, VA.

 photo IMG_8719Face_zps972f69ed.jpg
Art by Chance Liscomb.

 photo IMG_8742Head2_zps6975230e.jpg
Art by John Fisher.

 photo IMG_8747Rings_zpsab04a1a5.jpg
Steel rings.

 photo IMG_8755Treeart_zps7ec880c5.jpg
Wall art behind the Warehouse Art Gallery.

 photo IMG_8762DrumSet_zpsca544fb9.jpg
Double drum set.

 photo IMG_8815HighJet_zps3be8ea01.jpg
Climbing high.

 photo IMG_8867Window_zps991c1773.jpg
Shooting out the window on my second day visiting the Warehouse Art Gallery.  If you are ever in Luray you should stop in and see the eclectic art collection housed in this building.

 photo IMG_8872Fish_zpsfd4ef4de.jpg
This fish sculpture was created during Wednesday night art classes at the Art Gallery as a group project.

 photo IMG_8876CharNWin_zpsd0a31282.jpg
White chair from inside the art gallery.

 photo IMG_8907Lamp1_zpsd5fc7f24.jpg
Decorative lamp.

 photo IMG_8910Lamp2_zpsd558889a.jpg
Another decorative lamp.

 photo IMG_8924Necklace_zps781d9d1e.jpg
Beadwork necklace for sale in the Gallery Gift Shop.

 photo IMG_8925Chair_zps816761aa.jpg
Aforementioned white chair shot from outside the Art Gallery.

 photo IMG_9020SitLady_zpsd5d7b7e4.jpg
After leaving the Warehouse Art Gallery on Saturday afternoon we drove over to a local antique shop, Luray Antique & Design Center on Tannery Road, where I was able to shoot several photographs without even going inside.

 photo IMG_9027WinBox_zpsbef89700.jpg
Another photograph from outside the antique store.

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