Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Road Trips

 photo DSCF1521Duck_zps12ca1e23.jpg
Like water on a duck's back.

 photo IMG_0232Helo_zps2766f1a3.jpg
U. S. Army medical helicopter doing touch and goes at the end of the runway at the John Murtha Airport, Cambria County, PA.

 photo IMG_0280FishPond_zps8c07d0f7.jpg
Fish pond on the former Charles Schwab estate in Loretto, PA.

 photo IMG_0450Ivy_zpsc798e8d8.jpg
Just an old ivy plant that was tossed out a few years ago because it was looking sickly and here it is still growing.

 photo IMG_1488Roman_zpsf42dfe72.jpg
Brass statue at an antique and architectural recycle shop in Duncansville, PA.

 photo IMG_1506FencePoints2_zpsad27c90a.jpg
Metal fence parts sitting against a brick building in the early morning sun.

 photo IMG_1531Greek_zps1115318a.jpg
Roman bust.

 photo IMG_3129BikeShop_zps95c6678a.jpg
Bicycle repair shop once located in the Central Market in York, PA. Unfortunately the shop went out of business.

 photo IMG_3199DogWalkin_zps3b37b713.jpg
Walking the dog on West Clark Avenue, which is actually an Alley, behind the Central Market house in York, PA.

 photo IMG_6016Crab_zps82bd017f.jpg
Crab sculpture hanging from the ceiling in the gift shop of the Virginia Beach Aquarium, Virginia Beach, VA.

 photo IMG_6266HDiver_zps2aa14d3f.jpg
Nose and folded wings of a SB2C Curtiss-Wright Hell Diver on display at the Jimmy Stewart Airport in Indiana, PA during the annual Airport Festival which is held in June.

 photo IMG_6298LostGulls_zps01289024.jpg
Flown into the boondocks from the Jersey shore these two gulls seem to be trying to figure out how to get back home.

 photo IMG_7535Kite_zpse35997a4.jpg
Kite flying along the Virginia coastline.

 photo IMG_7934KLizard_zpsbacb1d5a.jpg
Portrait of a Komodo Dragon.

 photo IMG_8447GT3_zps3c810c24.jpg
Trespassing warning on a gate post along the Norfolk Southern Mainline in Cresson, PA.

 photo IMG_9089GT2_zps631e0d87.jpg
Coal train leaving a local mine headed towards the Mainline.

 photo IMG_9093GT1_zps9e3f420d.jpg
World famous Gallitzin Tunnel in Gallitzin, PA.

If you are a long time visitor to our blog you will know that we live in the mountains of Pennsylvania.  The next three pictures in this week's blog were shot in or around our yard.

 photo IMG_9123Y3_zps4e2109ee.jpg

 photo IMG_9200Y1_zps63de6837.jpg

 photo IMG_9211Y2_zps9ff163b3.jpg

 photo IMG_9055Flag_zpsb2feaab0.jpg
Remember those who passed before us -- Memorial Day 2014.

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