Thursday, August 28, 2014

Photographing Johnstown, PA

 photo IMG_1533JT4_zpsee0ba9be.jpg
Twilight time at Peoples Natural Gas Park in downtown Johnstown.  The venue is home to the Flood City Music Festival every year and concert nights right through the summer

 photo IMG_2123JT5_zps7e453275.jpg
Apartment building along Market Street in Johnstown.

 photo IMG_3039JT2_zpsaacc7fb2.jpg
Painting on the pillars holding up Route 56 as it passes through the city.

 photo IMG_3040JT1_zps1c559d7a.jpg
Another painted pillar.

 photo IMG_3044JT3_zpse6d12802.jpg
Styrofoam head with headband.

 photo IMG_3457JT11_zps7d854c2b.jpg
Wall art at Park Place between Main and Lincoln.

 photo IMG_3465JT10_zps1786755b.jpg
More of the wall art at Park Place.

 photo IMG_3468JT12_zps516ff12c.jpg
Patina covered gas meters on the wall of a parking garage at Market and Lincoln.  I just happened to see this out of the corner of my eye as we drove by.

 photo IMG_3480JT13_zpscddbbcdc.jpg
Ethnic Arts Center aka The Bottle Works on the corner of 3rd Avenue and Chestnut Street in the Cambria City area.

 photo IMG_3484JT14_zps5663090b.jpg
Dead tree on the flood wall along the Conemaugh River in Cambria City.

 photo IMG_3763JT18_zps1393928c.jpg
Clock tower, Johnstown City Hall.

 photo IMG_3770JT6_zpse39ca407.jpg
Reflection of clock tower in a window on Market Street.

 photo IMG_3776JT7_zps52340936.jpg
Johnstown Inclined Plane, steepest vehicular incline plane in the world

 photo IMG_3785JT8_zps22756f94.jpg
This star sits on a long metal building housing JWF Industries between the railroad tracks just behind the Peoples Gas Park.

 photo IMG_3927JT9_zps9b73d9bf.jpg
Patina door handle on an old, boarded up garage on Garden Alley by the train station.

 photo IMG_4427JT15_zpsa63e3b15.jpg
Church steeple on Chestnut Street between 7th and 8th Avenue that I shot for one of the Facebook photo sites (Verdigris) to which I belong.

 photo IMG_4465JT16_zpsf9e71d58.jpg
Biker on McCoula Street

 photo IMG_4483JT17_zps55f3a621.jpg
Bull thistle.

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