Thursday, August 14, 2014

Fireworks 101

This week's blog was shot in Patton, Pennsylvania during the Fourth of July 2014 Weekend.  A lot of people think that taking pictures of fireworks is something that they would never be able to capture.  But it is really not all that hard.  Besides your camera you'll need a few other pieces of equipment to make the shooting successful.

  • A wide angle lens the standard 18 to 55 is good 
  • you'll also need a tripod and a cable release.  
The info that I am sharing today is strictly about how I got the results that you see here.  To find out how to setup your camera other than the settings that I've used you can find a lot of good instructional videos on YouTube.  Because I wanted to have more control over what I would see at the end of the night I used the following settings.

  • I first set my lens to the widest view (28 mm) because I was using a 28 to 70 Canon lens. 
  • I set the dial mode to B (bulb) and my ISO to 125 
  • The shutter aperture was set to f/9.   
Most of my exposures started as soon as I heard the sound of the shell taking off from the ground and I held the remote shutter release button down for between 1 and 4 seconds depending upon what I seeing in the sky.  If possible you should get to the display area a little early so that you can get an idea of where the fireworks are going to be exploding in the air.  If not, just take your time, look through the viewfinder to get the first ones set up and after that you are fine.

 photo IMG_118FF0_zpse8a4c15d.jpg

 photo IMG_1047FF1_zps5a106783.jpg

 photo IMG_1050FF2_zpsd7eb6dee.jpg

 photo IMG_1061FF3_zps2dc04c28.jpgl

 photo IMG_1062FF4_zps889b5c97.jpg

 photo IMG_1076FF5_zpsd1e5050f.jpg

 photo IMG_1095FF6_zps0bee4b56.jpg

 photo IMG_1101FF7_zpsc0a49030.jpg

 photo IMG_1118FF8_zps00323500.jpg

 photo IMG_1125FF9_zps77077c49.jpg

 photo IMG_1136FF10_zpsc87bad81.jpg

 photo IMG_1160FF11_zps5f092db7.jpg

 photo IMG_1161FF12_zpsc3ef6179.jpg

 photo IMG_1172FF13_zps7b24acbc.jpg

 photo IMG_1192FF14_zps76ad385d.jpg

 photo IMG_1204FF15_zpsd35718b6.jpg

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