Thursday, July 05, 2007

Interpretations and Manipulations

Some of these photographs were taken during Thunder in the Valley and weren't used last week because I had other things in mind. The rest are photos I took this week. I spent a couple of days working with the photographs to find different ways to present them that would be pleasing to the eye. All but five of the photographs shown in this week's issue of the blog have additional enhancements.

Johnstown Incline Plane.

Portrait of a Lady.

My Shadow and I, Johnstown Central Park.

Air intake on a Gates motorcycle engine.

Spiraling out of Control.

I really didn't like this picture as originally shot until I realized that it would make a nice addition to our greeting card line.

Cacti, growing in Merl's yard, Hastings, PA.


I have no idea what kind of flower this is.


Ornamental handle on a walking stick.

Raspberries. Yum! Yum! We have hundreds of them.

This is the same cat as above. You can get a lot of work out of something that you don't have to pay to sit there for you.

Smoke from a backyard campfire wafting through the trees.

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Anonymous said...

Your flower photos are absolutely beautiful. I check your pages frequently, atleast monthly, and am always impressed with the work that you do. (The cat pictures are gorgeous. So is the kitty!)

A fellow Hastings dweller