Thursday, September 13, 2007

A Week's Worth of Work

Northern Cambria VFD Station 50 sets the stage for it's weekly training session.

Taking center stage for the night training is Hope's new Rescue Truck 504. Built by Ferrara Fire Apparatus of Holden, Louisiana, the truck has an 8 man cab, 800 gallons of water and a 200 CFM Compressed air foam system (CAFS). The truck and the equipment ran approximately 1/2 million dollars and the company is going to have to work a lot of bingo games to pay for it.

Under the watchful eye of the Assistant Chief, one part of the crew swarms over one of the vehicles to extract crash victims using the jaws of life.

The first fireman in line uses a crowbar to make a small opening for the jaws of life tool, held by the second fireman in the line.

It's now time for the hose crew to move into position to attack the burning pickup truck.

In a past life this tower of flame was once a road worthy Ford pickup truck.

Once the flames are under control, the hose crew watches as the rescue crew finish the task of removing the roof of the second vehicle in this training session.

Participants in the vehicle rescue class of Hope VFD Station 50, Northern Cambria, PA.

After losing his head football coach, Ken Bussard, Principal of Central Cambria High School and its former football coach, is once again at the helm of the team.

Running back, Andrew O'Saben of Central Cambria, gets dropped by defensive back Matt Repko of Bishop Carroll.

Quarterback, Shane McGregor, sets the line for the Red Devils.

Once again, it's Matt Repko dropping Central's Andrew O'Saben, but not before Mr. O'Saben gains a first down.

By putting his head down and making a quick move to his right, Central Cambria's Andrew O'Saben, makes both Marcus Rhodes and Matt Repko of Bishop Carroll overun their tackle.

Christian Woo running back for Bishop Carroll, had a rough night facing the Red Devil's defense. On this play it was DBs Marshall Lipnic, going in low, and Tim Myers, taking the high road, making the tackle. Central Cambria would go on to win the contest by a score of 16-7.

Milwin Partner in Crime, aka Wyatt, gets a good grooming by his owner, Jennifer Joy, of Slippery Rock, PA over the weekend at the Annual Dog Show held by the Altoona Kennel Association, at Duman's Lake County Park, near Nicktown, PA.

I'm not sure just who is doing the talking and who is doing the listening in this shot.

Great Danes, Samson and Delilah, taking their owners, Craig Holtz of Patton, PA and Missi Glavach, of Colver, PA for a stroll around the County Park during the two day dog show event.

Saint Francis University Coach Dave Opfar.

Coming out of Cleveland, OH, running back Calvin Williams of Saint Francis University gives the straight arm to Andrew Sturzenbecker of Morehead State University.

Halfback, Rick Cornelius, of Morehead State University, gets stopped by SFU senior linebacker Louis Beninato (R) and freshman starter Matthew Parker (L).

After hauling in the punt on the one yard line from Morehead State University, Anthony Richards of the Red Flash, just manages to hold onto the football.

After coming up with an interception, Josh Ballard gets hauled to the ground by Antoine Rivera.

With some good work by the SFU O line, quarterback George Little sweeps around the defense of MSU for a first down.

Taking a handoff from Quarterback George Little, Anthony Richards follows 6'9" Brian Dushatinski into the waiting MSU front line. Unfortunately, SFU went down with a 21-14 final score.


Anonymous said...

This is Andy Sturzenbecker, and I definatly did not get straight armed, I made the tackle right where he stands, just because he has his arm out like he is going to doesn't mean he accomplished it.

Anonymous said...

Lighten up francis