Thursday, October 02, 2008

Good Times

Early evening at Lake Rowena, Ebensburg, PA.

This fisherman has almost the whole lake to himself.

Rear view of the Cambria County Historical Society building showing some of the new landscaping. Last Monday night I was the speaker at the monthly meeting of the Ebensburg Art Alliance held in this building.

I'm not sure of the whole story but from what I know all of this smoke was caused by a malfunctioning generator in this Verizon phone building in Hastings, PA. Lucky for the town and the surrounding area that there was no damage to the switching equipment. It took about 20 minutes until the phone company crew was able to let the firemen into the building to see what was happening.

Smoke billows from a vent on the top of the building.

Firemen carry fans into position.

I shot this picture while burning some old cardboard boxes. I used a blue filter in PhotoShop to make the boxes stand out a little.

We get a few fresh cut sunflower tops at the New Germany Arts and Crafts Show every year, dry them out and hang them outside for the birds during the winter.

Jeremy Priester takes the kick-off at the start of the Cambria Heights High School vs. Forest Hills High School football game. Forest Hills won 60-0. Looks like another long season for the Highlanders.

Bryon Stanek, Cambria Heights wide receiver.

Scott Mehall, Forest Hills Rangers.

Due to the rain on Friday night, there weren't any game programs, so I didn't get the name of this Forest Hills player so I'll just call him The Lone Ranger.

Pet store in Patton, PA.

Another shop in Patton, PA.

The DCW gang was back in Hastings, PA over the weekend with their show. As you can see from the pictures, there wasn't a large crowd for the event, maybe 200 fans. I was told that because of some kind of insurance company rules, even as a press photographer, I'd no longer be allowed to shoot from the ring apron so these will probably be the last pictures I shoot at the event.

The Russian Bear

Big Daddy Zilla out of Johnstown, PA.

The Russian Bear out cold after his lose to Big Daddy Zilla in the Chain & Sledge Hammer match. I don't make this stuff up, I just report the facts.

The dummy putting pressure on his own leg and crying out in pain is Cory Kastle.

A wee visitor to the Ebensburg Potato Fest.

While I was on campus shooting some work for the University's Alumni Relations Department, I shot a few pictures for this week's blog.

Immaculate Conception Chapel and St. Francis Hall.

If you're a regular to the blog, back in the November 29, 2007 issue you saw three pictures of some graffiti in Altoona, PA. Well, I went back there on Monday on my way to the hospital for some pre-surgery testing and found that the wall had been done over again with some new art. It's really too bad that this work is in a place that very few people will ever see it.

If all goes well this wall will remain the same, as you see it here, until the artist, 4Gone, comes home from Iraq. It's ironic that Ron left for his tour of duty on 11Sep08. Good luck, my friend.

As a photographer I know exactly what the artist is saying in this panel.

Here is a pasture on Mill Run Road heading toward Route 36 out of Altoona, PA.

Gatehouse at the old Schwab Estate, Loretto, PA.

Garden along the Loretto - Chest Springs Road, Cambria County, PA.


Anonymous said...

FYI that guy on the wrestling picture holding his leg isn't Cory Kastle

Anonymous said...

I just want to say that your pictures made my day. I grew up right near Sam Lewis that overlooks the Susquehanna on the York side and I was feeling really homesick today and it made me so happy to see these.

Don said...

Very nice photography. I was born and raised in Johnstown and have lived in several different regions of Pennsylvania, including over by the Susquehanna. Your photos brought back some warm memories of my years in the Keystone State.
Thanks for sharing...

(Imperial Valley, CA)

Anonymous said...

Hey there! Thanks again for showcasing my art in such flattering fashion. There's new stuff on one part of that wall now but I don't have the paint to do the rest of it hahahahaha. Looks like I'll be saving my pennies this winter and hopefully get something new up there in spring! You can keep up with all my paintings there at.