Thursday, October 01, 2009

Hello Autumn

We sure can tell it's fall here on the ridge. The leaves are starting to turn from green to a plethora of multi-color hues. So far the weather has been a downer with rain almost daily, all day long. Anyway, this week I finished up a shooting assignment at SFU, hit a corn maze and went to the Harmony Grange Fair.

Ms. Stick Stickly goes all out in the fall fashions.

Actually, I had to go to the Harmony Grange Fair two days this year. On Wednesday, I had the honor of being the judge for the photography and art entries for both the Junior and Senior Divisions. On the drive over to the fair grounds, I stopped and shot these three country scenes.

East Ridge 1

East Ridge 2

Sylvis Barn

After I finished the judging at Harmony I headed over to Saint Francis University to finish a job I starter there two days earlier.

Red Corner.
The new but undone look of the Saint Francis University men's basketball team locker room.

Front of the DiSepio Institute for Rural Health and Wellness.

Rear of the DiSepio Institute for Rural Health and Wellness.

Tibetan Prayer Flags in the Meditation room in the DiSepio Building.

Me in the elevator.

Our front yard.
I took this shot when I got home after a long day of shooting.

After starting out somewhat questionable, Friday turned out to be a really nice day. I left the house around 3:30 to get some photos of the corn maze at the Smithmyer farm over in the St. Augustine area and then hit the Harmony Grange Fair to visit with folks we haven't seen in a while , get some supper and of course shot a few frames. I stopped at home between the two events long enough to pickup the wife.

If the farmer would have had a taller lift, the corn covered teepee would have been 8 feet higher than it is. The opening is about 8 feet high itself. The design of the maze was planned on graph paper and then as the corn grew the maze was kept to its layout by mowing the paths with a lawn mower.

Four went in, 4 came out. All is well.
After several trips inside the girls were able to navigate the whole maze.

With gravity and the forces of nature working against them, this bunch of sunflowers start to hang heavy with a crop of fresh seeds for the birds.

Fall is coming to St. Augustine, Cambria County, Pennsylvania.

After leaving the maze it was a 25 miles drive over to the Harmony Grange with a stop on the way to pick up the wife. This may seem like a long drive to some, but out here its just a short ride. Less than 1/2 mile of the drive goes through the only two towns I pass along the way, the rest is 2 lane country road.

Nestled into the one end of the Grange Exhibit Hall is the Fair Association chance booth which sells chances on a whole host of donated items.

At this stand you could get a snowcone in one of about 50 different flavors.

Fresh Lemonade, anyone?

Someone will be happy with this 1st Place ribbon for their lamp.

Backyard gardeners from miles around bring their summers crop to the Grange Fair in hopes of winning a ribbon.

Visiting the Harmony Grange Fair from Greensburg, PA this mother uses her cell phone to record her son with the 1st Place, Best in Show, pumpkin.

David Morgan of Northern Cambria took home the 1st place ribbon for his scarecrow display.

Looking east past the Roundup as the sun sets in the west.

Across the road from the main fair grounds is the truck and tractor pulling area. I have no idea how many trucks show up to pull but I can tell you that the staging area was full to the hilt.

Driver of the Green Machine.

Twin plums of black smoke billow from the tall chrome stacks in the back of this stoked-up, tricked out diesel.

Pulling hard against "Old Yeller" the Westmoreland Tractor Pulling Association weight sled, is this stock 4 door, extended bed Ford F-350 diesel.


Janet Whited said...

Nice pictures....thanks for putting them on the blog! To answer your question to the # of trucks on was between 155 and 160 that pulled. Finished at 1:24 AM Saturday!

Anonymous said...

Hello. I loved your blog. I am from Australia and I am ashamed to say that my knowledge of the U.S. has been mostly gleaned from the movies. You have shown me a beautiful and very appealing aspect of a stunning country. Thank you. Trisha, Bunbury, Western Australia

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