Thursday, April 22, 2010

Death Train - in Two Acts

If this is April, it must be time for another outstanding night of theatre put on by STAR Productions at Saint Francis University in Loretto, PA. The play, Death Train, is a dramatization of Agatha Christie's Murder on the Orient Express.
In an aura of Luxury and Romance, Life and Death travel together on the Orient Express ... The Death-Train! Savage murder on a lavish train! Unusual scenery and exotic costumes united by opulent music create the real mystery: the mystery of humans and their behavior!
The sleuth-supreme is none other than Hercule Poirot, The Belgian detective who uses the brain-power of "the little gray cells" to uncover the crime. As the Orient Express hurtles across Europe on its three-day journey from Istanbul to Calais the lives of its menagerie of characters are on view.
The cast was composed of Saint Francis University students and members of the local community. The play was directed by Kenny Resinski of the Fine Arts Department with costumes by Bonnie Resinski, a teacher and drama coach at Northern Cambria High School.

Lizeth George.

Zak Campbell.

The actors do stretching exercises prior to the performance.


Chelsea Rose.

Lizeth George.

Kevin Richardson.

Jennifer Ganassi.

Brian Davis on the left, Rob Callis-Keiser.

Bronwyn Stevens followed by Anne Volk.

Kevin Richardson and Anita Baumann.

Anita Baumann and Ethan Leydig and Jennifer Ganassi.

Ethan Leydig.

Addison Fox, Jennifer Ganassi, Anita Baumann and in the background, Ethan Leydig.

Addison Fox and Anita Baumann.

Ethan Leydig and Jarred Kyser.

Jarred Kyser and Ethan Leydig.

Ethan Leydig and Lizeth George.

Anita Baumann and Ethan Leydig.

Anita Baumann.

Anne Volk.

Alan Zajdel.

NancyJo Saksa.

Michael Gagliano.

Ashley Gottron.

Zak Campbell.

Bronwyn Stevens, Anne Volk and Zak Campbell.

Chelsea Rose.

MaryJo and Brady Saksa.

The Assembled Cast
Front Row, LtoR: Brady Sasko (British Butler), Jarred Keyser (Foscarelli), Alan Zajdel (Princess Dragomiroff), NancyJo Saksa (Hildegarde Schmidt), Anne Volk (Miss Ohlson), Chelsea Rose (Surreal Personage)
Back Row, LtoR: Rob Callis-Keiser (Wild West Rodeo Star), Zak Campbell (Colonel Arbuthnot), Lizeth George (Mary Debenham), Jennifer Gannassi (Dr. Ariadne), Addison Fox (Douc), Anita Baumann (Hercule Poirot), Ethan Leydig (Mr. Sam Ratchett), Bronwyn Stevens (Mrs. Harriet Hubbard), Michael Gagliano and Ashley Gottron (Count Andrenyi and Countess Andreniy), Kevin Richardson (Hector MacQueen), Brian Davis (Pierre, the conductor).

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