Thursday, June 10, 2010

Slow Down

After all the running around in the last few weeks, I decided to take it easy during the past week and stay close to home.

While in the borough of Gallitzen, PA to cover a ribbon cutting, I stopped at the Gallitzen Tunnels to take a few shots. Built in 1854 the tunnels are a favorite stop for rail fans visiting the area.

Heading eastbound and coming to a stop.
The best views of the tunnels are from a bridge that goes over the tracks. Holes were left in the fence that allow photographers to take pictures of the trains without any obstructions in their way.

Welcome Caboose.
There is a new museum directly across the street from the caboose, but I haven't been inside to see it yet.

The lead engine stopped at this point to wait while some west bound traffic approached the tunnel on the other side of the hill.

Moving again.

A young railfan waves to the conductor on the oncoming helper engines. Helper engines are added to the trains before they head up to the Horseshoe Curve.

For the last several weeks we've been watching a pair of robins raise 3 chicks outside of our bedroom window in a rhododendron bush. Because the robins are so skiddish I didn't really bother them until 6 days ago and then only shot them for 3 days. As you will see, the chicks bulked up real nice and were gone in the last two days.

The chicks know when their parents are near the nest and have food for them.

Both the male and female robins cared for the young chicks. Shown here is the male robin.

The female robin takes her turn at feeding the fast growing and always hungry babies.

Making sure everyone gets his/her share.

Male Red-Bellied Woodpecker.

Female Rose-breasted Grosbeak

Due to rain during the week, we had to leave the yard work go until Saturday afternoon and we still got a little wet. After getting the yard mowed and before the big rains came back, I managed to shot some of the plants and things sitting around the house.

Marigolds in a bucket sitting on the side deck.

Double wash tubs make the nicest planters.

Garden Rabbit I made about 20 years ago when I was in my woodworking kick.

Hens and Chicks growing inside an old piece of brick.

Old swing sitting among Lilies of the Valley in the shade garden.

Picked up this feeder for 3 bucks while in Pickens, SC a few weeks ago.

Shot early Sunday afternoon while the area was under a tornado warning.

Shot four days after the first set of robin pictures, you can see how big the chicks have grown.

Just after losing it's balance while flapping its wings, the baby tries to climb back inside the nest.

The birds have been preening their feathers and flapping their wings most of the morning and are about to leave the nest.

It won't be long now.

Every movement now has to do with the next big move.

Busy, busy, busy.

The female brings less and less for the young hoping to entice them to leave the nest.

Just not sure about the next step, but you go for it brother!

Last time together.

This should have been the big move but just as the chick was about to take off, the female returned with one last meal. And with that, both of the remaining chicks went over the edge for a new life on the outside!

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