Thursday, August 05, 2010


For the last week or so I've been going out and trying to shoot as many in focus pictures that I can of the Broad-winged Hawks before they decide to head south. Every time I've heard the birds call I've stopped what I'd been doing, grabbed a camera and tried to find the birds.

I was mowing the lawn when I heard the young hawks calling as they were soaring above my head. This picture was shot while hiding behind a pine tree looking through the branches.

For some reason this hawk decided to hunt from a perch that was closer to the ground. At this point I'm about 45 feet away from the hawk still hiding behind a pine tree.

The young hawks are always calling for either their parents or their sibling.

All of these pictures were shot in an area that is probably no larger than 100 feet x 100 feet and the hawks utilized about 5 different species of trees in this area as perches.

The next fourteen photographs show the birds as they learn to hunt, fly and soar on their own. The last picture in this series was shot on Tuesday morning, 3 August 2010, and it was the last time that I saw the young hawks actively flying around the yard.

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Richard R. said...

WOW! These are terrific. I'm envious of your bird life there, all I seem to find are finches and hummingbirds.