Thursday, April 14, 2011

Return to Pittsburgh, or How I Spent my 65th Birthday

Although none of this week's photographs were shot from the water, they were shot in the rain. The first half of the blog features pictures shot at the National Aviary on the north side of Pittsburgh. If you're ever in Pittsburgh and looking for something different to do, this is a good start but go during the week if you want to take pictures without a whole lot of people.

Green-winged Macaw -- Ara chloropterus

This bird is from the northern half of South America and it's the largest of its genus.

African Penquin -- Spheniscus demersus

Is found on the 24 islands between Namibia and the Algora Bay. Before political correctness became a fad, it was known as the Jackass Penquin because it makes a sound that is similar to a donkey.

Inca Dove -- Scardafella inca

The Southwest US and Mexico to Puerto Rico is where you will find this bird.

African Grey Parrot -- Psittacus erithacus

The rainforests of Western and Central Africa is the home of these birds which have been reported to live as long as 70 years.

Inca Tern -- Larosterna inca

This seabird is native to Peru and Chile. It likes to make its nest in a rock and it's call is similar to cat's meow.

American Flamingo -- Phoenicopterus ruber

One of four kinds of flamingoes in the Americas. The coloring comes from the kind of food that the birds eat.

Yellow-billed Cardinal -- Paroaria capitata

Found up and down the east coast of South America.

Golden-breasted Starling -- Cosmopsarus regius

Another grasslands bird that can be found throughout East Africa and tends to stay with a group of other birds.

Victoria Crowned Pigeon -- Goura victoria

This pigeon comes in around 5 pounds and hails from New Guinea and likes to eat fruit.

Wattled Currasow -- Crax globulosa

This bid is on the threatened species list. This female comes from the rain forests of the Amazon basin in South Ameria.

Hand feeding a Hammerkop -- Scopus umbretta in the Rain Forest.

After having spent several hours on the inside at the National Aviary, it was time to head out onto the next part of the birthday celebration by heading over to The Strip, Pittsburgh's Historic Market District, to do a little shopping and photographing.

What are the chances of taking a picture at the corner of 6th St and Liberty Avenue in Pittsburgh, PA and just have one person in the scene?

One of the nice things about shopping in the strip district in the middle of the week is that there is no lack of parking, whether it's free or $10 for the day. Art work is a bonus.

Just one of the many colorful shops.

A display on the counter at Strip District Meats where we stopped in to pick up some beef jerky.

Sign board along the street.

Sitting along a side street is the Leaf and Bean which is one of the more colorful store fronts in the Strip district.

Outdoor advertising at it's best.

Personally I'm not to blame, but if you want I can give you the names of the 535 people who are.

Standing along Penn Avenue looking into the city prior to departure for home.

I shot this last photograph just as we were about to exit the canyons of Pittsburgh and head back to the ridges of Cambria County.

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ClarkCreery said...

I have no clue as to why I cannot take super pictures like you do! must be the fault of my Brownie Hawkeye? I really enjoy your photographs and you are right about the 535 folks who have caused our nations blight. They don't care, each has money, each makes $174K/year and they have medical and lifetime retirement why care about the rest of us?