Thursday, August 18, 2011

Closer to Home

On a rainy Monday morning, I stopped to shoot this picture of a farm along 219 just South of Carrolltown on my way to the Cambria County Fairgrounds in Ebensburg to drop off my entry form for the annual county fair.

Three of my rubber ducks floating in a shallow swimming pool during a thunder storm.

Two of the rubber ducks peek over the edge of the pool during a short lull in the passing thunder storms.

American flag in a garden.

An Easter Island-type stone face made by a local artisan.

Spider Flower

Once again this year we've had a breeding pair of Broad-Winged Hawks take up residence in the woods surrounding our house. This and the next shot were taken a few minutes apart as the front was moving in, as you can tell by the sky in the background.

The Broad-winged dives off of the branch it was sitting on in the previous shot.

Shot early in the morning I got this Bumblebee as it was lethargically climbing across the Gladiola in the garden where it obviously spent the night.

A rock surrounded by moss and hens and chicks.

The power of the ant.
We watched this ant drag the wasp across the deck and down over the edge of two sets of stairs in an effort to take this food back to the nest.

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