Thursday, January 17, 2013

Quick Blog

This week's blog is a lot shorter than most due to a malicious attack by unknown hackers that crashed my computer.  It had to be sent out for repairs. 

Dove diving out of a tree shot with my new Canon D60.

Backyard birdhouse on the former Thomas estate in Hastings.

Hastings in the snow showing the now functional wind generators in the background.

Fog in the yard.

Riding my quad back along the property line.


Gary Wagner said...

I always love your photographs of Hastings-like the second one in today's blog. They remind me of some of the work of Pieter Bruegel. Such as the one at the end of this link. I always look forward to seeing your work.

AL said...

In the future, I believe we will see a bunch of rusty old windmills dotting the landscape...reminders of a bygone wasteful gov't entitlement era.