Thursday, March 21, 2013


Every few months I get to spend some time in Altoona with nothing better to do that shoot trains.  Last week was one of those times.  There are several good spots along a mile or so of the mainline that I like to use as urban backgrounds for some of my photographs.  All of the pictures shown in this week's blog were shot between 9th and 7th Streets.

 photo IMG_9401MP15DC_zps239ebc8d.jpg
General Motors, Electro-Motive Division (EMD) MP15DC
The 1500 horsepower switcher is shown here working at Norfolk Southern's Juniata plant, seen in the background.

 photo IMG_9409SD60M_zps455e193f.jpg
Following the MP15 is a former Conrail SD60M, which was also built by GM-EMD.

 photo IMG_9418MP15DC_zps584d5571.jpg
Broadside of the MD15DC.  I've taken photos of the switcher at different sites in the Altoona and Duncansville area.

 photo IMG_9432ES44AC_zps5dd161b0.jpg
These are both General Electric ES44AC working as helper engines.

 photo IMG_9457SD40E_zpsec28f9d0.jpg
Two SD40E helper units heading west after detaching from an east bound train that had just rounded the Horseshoe Curve.  These are EMD-NS units.  They were built by EMD and modified by NS at their Juniata plant in Altoona, PA. 

 photo IMG_9468SD60J_zps91c76872.jpg
SD60I heading east.  These are old Conrail engines and have been in service since 1999.

 photo IMG_9491SD40E_zps28a13122.jpg
EMD-NS SD40I helper units.

 photo IMG_9496SD40E_zps8591de62.jpg
EMD-NS SD40E passing under the 8th Street Bridge in Altoona, PA.

 photo IMG_9502SD70M_zps9775b52c.jpg
EMD-NS SD70M followed by two D9-40CWs heading west with a line of intermodal containers.

 photo IMG_9544SD40E_zps041c47a5.jpg
This is the tail end of the train in the previous picture.  These two EMD-NS SD40E will be detached from this line of container cars in Cresson or South Fork, which is on the west side of the Horseshoe Curve.

 photo IMG_9627D940CW_zps332c56e1.jpg
D9-40CW coming out of the edge of ever changing cloud cover into the sunlight as an empending snow event that hits the area.

 photo IMG_9660B328WH_zps322eed63.jpg
On the morning that I was shooting these photographs I was surprised to see this GEB32-8CW (Pepsi Can) at the head of the daily passenger train instead of the normal GE P42DC unit.  It is passing under the 7th Street Bridge.

 photo IMG_9666D940CW_zpsaac42276.jpg
After coming to a halt in order for the passenger train to get ahead of it, engine number 9354, a D9-40CW, starts to slowly pull away and head back on to the mainline.

 photo IMG_9676ES44_zps88ec0e93.jpg
In the background, General Electric ES44 AC heads west as it passes the train in the previous photograph.

 photo IMG_9695D940CW_zpsd5f27b77.jpg
Our last two photographs show yet another D9-40CW as a snow squall descends upon the area. 

 photo IMG_9703D940CW_zps06f0ee4f.jpg

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