Thursday, March 28, 2013

Road Trip to Virginia Beach, Va (Part 1)

Last week I spent a few days shooting in and around Virginia Beach, VA as my wife was attending the ILLiad Conference.  Over the next week or so I'm going to post more of the photographs from the trip.

 photo IMG_0009RedBarn1_zps58008bcb.jpg
We spent Sunday night in southern Maryland and woke up to a lovely covering of snow.  This red barn at Locust Hill Farm near Port Tobacco Valley, MD   in Charles County, MD

 photo IMG_0035Church_zps37460ffc.jpg
Emmanuel Episcopal Church on Route 301 in Port Conway, VA.

 photo IMG_0051ChurchSt_zpsa8d2e743.jpg
Realtor's office at Queen and Church Streets in Tappahannock, VA.

 photo IMG_0095Boat1_zpsacf844c0.jpg
Rudee Inlet, Virginia Beach, VA.

 photo IMG_0115BayShore_zps6dd8927f.jpg
A scene from the Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center at Virginia Beach, VA back deck, near Rudee Inlet.  The black dot near the top of the tree on the right hand side of the photograph is a bald eagle.

 photo IMG_0135Turtle_zps9ada9f6f.jpg
Fresh water aquarium.  

 photo IMG_0143Sturgeon_zps9edebaaf.jpg
Sturgeon with a Gar in the background.

 photo IMG_0160Komodo_zps1e7b7781.jpg
Female Komodo Dragon.

 photo IMG_0164RedSea_zps64f45385.jpg
Entrance to a large salt water aquarium area known as The Dead Sea.

 photo IMG_0184Unicorn_zps720ce1ff.jpg
The top and bottom fish are Unicorn fish.  I didn't figure out what the guy in the middle is.   I want to call the unicorn fish the "Nixon" fish.

 photo IMG_0255BrownP_zps297ccbcc.jpg
Brown Pelican

 photo IMG_0275Turtle_zps85496b14.jpg
Loggerhead Turtle

 photo IMG_0478JellyFish_zpse50b773b.jpg
Aurleiu-mudusa jellyfish. 
The color is from a light at the bottom of the aquarium.  It is used to highlight the jellyfish since they are translucent and aren't easily seen without the light.

 photo IMG_0510TigerFish_zpsded5cc43.jpg
Found around the world these fish are venomous and in certain areas of the Caribbean there is a bounty because they are an invasive species.

 photo IMG_0573Fisherman_zpsae1e9451.jpg
Unfortunately for this guy, the pelicans were catching more fish than he was.

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