Thursday, April 04, 2013

Road Trip to Virginia Beach, Va (Part 2)

 photo IMG_0625NavySeals_zpscc3ed778.jpg
Navy Seals training with their jet skis near Virginia Beach, VA.

 photo IMG_0666Puffer_zpsaa02388d.jpg
Puffer Fish at the Virginia Beach Aquarium.

 photo IMG_0702Exit_zpse06f6f2b.jpg
Exiting the aquarium headed toward the gift shop.

 photo IMG_0733ChildStatue_zpsbdf96b56.jpg
Child with turtle statue on a shelf in the gift shop of the Virginia Beach Aquarium.

 photo IMG_0766F18_zps9d67a9db.jpg
McDonnell Douglas F-18 Super Hornet landing at Oceana Naval Air Station.

 photo IMG_0791HawkEye_zps5fb1978a.jpg
Northrop Grumman E-2D Hawkeye.

 photo IMG_0941BoardPaddler_zps351367ff.jpg
Old man paddling his surf board in from the ocean at Rudee Inlet.

 photo IMG_0965VBPD_zpsbd6b3d4e.jpg
1989 Bell 206 B helicopter belonging to the Virginia Beach Police Department.

 photo IMG_0987MGrackle_zps56391763.jpg
Male Common Grackle.

 photo IMG_1005FGrackle_zpsc672a3f6.jpg
Female Common Grackle.

 photo IMG_1016FGrackle2_zps2d00708c.jpg
The Female Grackle accepting a hand out.

 photo IMG_1066Neptune1_zpscfc8f952.jpg
Neptune on the boardwalk at Virginia Beach, VA.

 photo IMG_1087Lighthouse1_zps46ec90c3.jpg
The first of two lighthouses that were built at Cape Henry.   This one was built on a sand dune in 1792

 photo IMG_1103OldandNew_zpsa19ca686.jpg
The two Cape Henry lighthouses shown together along with a modern day Coast Guard installation.

 photo IMG_1105Lighthouse2_zpsa5812ed4.jpg
The second of the Cape Henry lighthouses which was built in 1810 is 357 feet closer to the ocean and is still operated by the United States Coast Guard.

 photo IMG_1109LARWV_zps4d6f097b.jpg
A lighter, amphibious, resupply, cargo, 5 ton.  Better known as a LARC-5
 photo IMG_1118LanMay_zps24e0c344.jpg
Built in 2011 the Lan May is a bulk carrier.  It is presently on its way to Singapore with a load of coal and should be at its destination in a month.

 photo IMG_1155BulkCarriers_zps5ac6279f.jpg
Our closing shot ---
T.W.Hamburg which came from Port Berry in England to the United States.

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