Thursday, April 18, 2013

Road Trip to Virginia Beach, Va (Part 3)

 photo IMG_1801Danceby_zpsd93ad923.jpg
Hugh Mongous stands tall at the entrance to the Ocean Breeze Water Park.

 photo IMG_183256TBird_zps6b8a12ab.jpg
Walking through town after dinner we spotted this 1956 T-Bird sitting in front of the Hilton Hotel on Atlantic Avenue.

 photo IMG_1887SunRise_zps0f946bc0.jpg
One of several beautiful sunrises during our time in the city.

 photo IMG_1920WallSconce_zpscc7146f3.jpg
Wall sconce in the hallway of our hotel.

 photo IMG_1987JetStatue_zps8536f849.jpg
Seems everything gets the dolphin treatment along the Virginia shore.

 photo IMG_2120Corvair_zpsdeb8b62b.jpg
1965 Corvair passes by as I'm shooting along Oceanic Boulevard.

 photo IMG_2433Nimmo_zps4b80e4ae.jpg
Nimmo United Methodist Church along Princess Anne Road was built in 1791.

 photo IMG_2452Egert_zpsde4ef872.jpg

 photo IMG_2485SanDun_zps4d955027.jpg
Dunes at Sandbridge Beach.

 photo IMG_2694LaughingGul_zpsa3a0f971.jpg
Laughing Gull

 photo IMG_2701RingBilled_zpsc1f33d0a.jpg
Ring-billed Gull

 photo IMG_2725BluFish1_zps72b3cc15.jpg
One of about a dozen "fish on sticks" between two hotels.

 photo IMG_2759RingBilled1_zps619dcf63.jpg
Ring-billed Gull trying to stay out of the surf.

 photo IMG_2856SunRis1_zpsbc055c68.jpg
Another beautiful sunrise.

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