Thursday, August 08, 2013

Denver - Black and White and in Color

 photo IMG_0688Waitin4Bus_zps785441a9.jpg
Waiting for the bus at Nine Mile Station, Aurora, CO.

 photo IMG_0689Nopapers_zpse123313c.jpg
I would have liked to get a copy of the Denver Post, but unfortunately it doesn't look like they stock these newspaper bins much anymore.

 photo IMG_0703LightRail_zpsede107d0.jpg
Our train arrives for the trip into the city.

 photo IMG_0717BluBear_zps3f5ad7cd.jpg
Blue Bear looking in the window of the Denver Convention Center.

 photo IMG_7320TDist_zps7a182902.jpg
Light rail stop at the Theater District Station.  From here we would walk around the downtown area for several hours.

 photo IMG_7324PurpleParty_zps29a49a1d.jpg
What a job!  Just driving around all day long.

 photo IMG_0730SkateBoard_zps2dad852f.jpg
People watching.

 photo IMG_0731PinkWheel_zps1619ace5.jpg
It's kind of hard to miss somebody riding a bicycle with hot pink rims and handlebars.

 photo IMG_0733Train_zps77981329.jpg
Looking up Stout Street.  We were really surprised that there was no one on board the train to check your ticket.  Seems they're very trusting in Denver.

 photo IMG_7337LaBon_zpsfba80857.jpg
La Boheme Gentlemen's Cabaret which is a big city way of saying strip club.

 photo IMG_7343Stop_zpsffad59f3.jpg
What can I say.  I guess she didn't want me to take her picture.

 photo IMG_0751Windows_zps8d5f56ab.jpg
Denver Gas and Electric Building
I didn't know it at the time that I shot this picture but the black squares in the walls have lights in them and at night it really makes the building shine.

 photo IMG_0788OnemanBand_zpsf611b1d6.jpg
One man band on the 16th Street pedestrian mall.

 photo IMG_0822HumanStatue_zps26ed2022.jpg
So much eye candy, so few hours in a day.

 photo IMG_7386Mime_zpsd2364f78.jpg

 photo IMG_7387PianoMan_zpsf943947c.jpg
According to an article in the Denver Post, there are seventeen pianos along the 16th Street pedestrian mall and all have a different paint scheme.

 photo IMG_0848ReFlec_zpsdd330e91.jpg
One last shot of the downtown area while waiting for our bus.

The last four shots for this week's blog were shot along Sherman Street.  Every apartment building on this block is named for a famous writer and the area is known as Poets Row.

 photo IMG_7419NatH_zps0f4a016d.jpg

 photo IMG_7422MarkTwain_zps9e48652e.jpg

 photo IMG_7423LMA_zps6b1e0501.jpg

 photo IMG_7428EmD_zps3160a7af.jpg

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