Thursday, August 01, 2013

Welcome to Golden


 photo IMG_0620GC01_zps5e522224.jpg
Colorado's First State Capitol

 photo IMG_0616GC02_zpsbfdbd5ca.jpg
Table Mountain Inn on Washington Avenue.

 photo IMG_7201GC11_zps8b826786.jpg
Looking at the Coors Plant from downtown Golden.

 photo IMG_7204GC12_zpsde20950f.jpg
Almost anything of importance is on Washington Avenue.

 photo IMG_7214GC13_zps4c50b50a.jpg
Table Mountain overlooks downtown Golden, CO.

 photo IMG_0628GC03_zps58b3df34.jpg
This horse stands out in front of Spirit in the Wind, an art gallery.

 photo IMG_0634GC04_zpsb83d3099.jpg
This hand-carved wooden Indian chief shows the wear and tear of the summer in Colorado.  Tourists like to pose and have their photograph taken with the statue.

 photo IMG_0641GC05_zpsce96a1e4.jpg
Dirt paths run through the park to help illustrate how things looked in the early pioneer days in Golden.

 photo IMG_0642GC06_zps3d160044.jpg

 photo IMG_0647GC07_zpsfa5cbdc2.jpg

 photo IMG_0652GC08_zpsbcbac8c8.jpg
Secret Garden by Mark Ludeen sits outside the Boulder Public Library

 photo IMG_0660GC09_zps88cf9c27.jpg
Looking across Clear Creek from beside the library back towards the history park.

 photo IMG_0663GC10_zpsa1c33270.jpg
Clear Creek is a popular tubing and kayaking area that runs through Golden.

 photo IMG_7234GC14_zpse8b66cb9.jpg
Man overboard.

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